Can gravity exist without matter? What I mean is can gravity exist just as a force by itself from space? Can gravity be independent of matter? With these new energies, these higher frequencies that are coming in that are responsible for this Grand Awakening that the human race is currently experiencing are creating not only the expansion of our consciousness but the expansion of everything in the Universe. Everything around us is getting an upgrade, everything is expanding.

What’s happening is out with the old in with the new scenario. Humanity and Earth itself is getting rid of this old energy which is ultimately creating the chaos worldwide and it’s making space for this higher frequency. Like I’ve said many times transitions on such a massive scale like this will not be easy there’s going to be incredible friction and in this lower realm it comes in the form of chaos, confusion etc.

We are experiencing the thinning of our magnetic field and eventually it will completely collapse. Some people call it the Veil etc. Meaning, as our magnetic field gets thinner and thinner we will experience a higher vibrational existence. Meaning, integrating with our psychic abilities, communication with our guides and other inter-dimensional beings, extreme intuition, awareness and insight etc. This process is what’s activating and upgrading our DNA and with that this and much more is possible.


I know many of you asked yourself how can matter be formed out of nothing. Ultimately, the force behind gravity is consciousness/awareness. Remember, everything is energy and it’s always coming in waves, always in constant movement. When we focus our awareness (intent) on something in particular we are collapsing that wave of energy in its quantum state. Quantum meaning the smallest discrete unit of energy forming in a physical state.

So, when we have energy that has not yet formed into a state of matter meaning… it’s energy that has not yet manifested meaning it’s pure potential. Which means the incredible ability for expansion. Because, when we direct our awareness, consciousness, intent on something it collapses that wave which manifests it into particles so ultimately it becomes physical. Hence, the creation of matter.

We all know humans are extremely powerful in creating our own reality it’s just that we’ve been kept from the knowledge of how it works. I see it like this…if we are pulling in energy with our awareness we are collapsing that wave of energy by the means of a particular thought form which then creates particles which then creates matter. So what we’re doing is we are manifesting energy to matter meaning we’re turning energy to a physical state. So I believe that is what creates gravity.

Look what’s happening to the human consciousness it’s expanding immensely because of this process, the Universe is also expanding because of this process. Awareness is turning energy into particles which then forms matter which creates these physical bodies meaning of ourselves, planets etc. So, as humanity, extraterrestrial civilizations and the influx of higher vibrational souls incarnating into this existence there’s no other option but expansion. Meaning, there’s no stopping what’s coming.

We are ALL creating this Universe by transforming all this unmanifested energy to manifested energy which becomes physical. So, the more aware humans, inter-dimensional beings etc. become the more our Universe expands. The Awakening process of mankind is incredibly important and so many are oblivious to it. So, when we collapse energy in its quantum state we are literally creating a reality with our consciousness/awareness. Because, what we observe we create.

**By Teri Wade