The two worlds are on vivid display this week, in the bright spotlight since 2/22/2022. On the same day of the powerful 222 Goddess infusion of loving compassion and peace we also witnessed Putin command his military war machine to invade Ukraine. We are experiencing the dying patriarchal bullies grasping for power, prestige and prominence. As the dark, fallen Old Earth system slips away, we are witnessing the final death spiral of their destructive paradigm.

I shared last week ‘The divine 222 Goddess Infusion will alter and transform the global operating system from the dissolving hierarchical patriarchy into a more equitable circle of collaboration, community and expansion. This is a threshold moment for humanity and Gaia. It is an entry point in a new direction, away from rampant consumption, destruction, and disregard for life on planet earth.’

Although the shifts in consciousness ripple across the world stage, it is important to remember that the cosmic Ascension plan is an ‘inside job’. We live in a holographic universe – our outer reality is a mirror reflection of our inner environment. All that we create and imagine interacts with the fertile field of consciousness. The more Love and Peace we vibrate, the stronger it grows in the field.

Every time I read the energy of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, it has very little power in it. Since he started invading Ukraine’s border, it still felt ungrounded, very little energy in it. These actions go against the universal Laws of Justice. Harming any living being is NOT of the LIGHT. There is overwhelming global opposition to his invasion. The field is pulsing alive with an alternative outcome, a loving world of peace and collaboration. This is our New Earth!

Solar activity is assisting with energetic transformation, but it will not resolve your karma, clear your shadow or heal your trauma. Only you can do the deep Ascension work. Our beloved AA Metatron has gifted his Master Alchemy method for rapid transformation. It is my humble service to offer and teach his Quantum Access® technique to all seeking Ascension. The New Earth is already here, alive, abundant and accessible. A Solar Flash will not shift you there. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the 222 energies and get to work!

Lovingly, Meg