Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of Light, divine. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the Light. Feel it radiating through the body. Feel yourself coming truly alive as you are in that spirit. Taking another deep breath, feel yourself radiating. Feel and know the radiant Christ Light that you are. Breathe, deeply, and come alive in that breath.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing. Great joy of reunion. Good to behold you once again. Good to feel the vibration of love in this room. And it is not I that have brought it; it is you. It is the One of us which has decided to come and to radiate all that you are, all that you feel, and all that you bring to the Christ expression.

Know that truly you are loved with a great wondrous love. Stand up, beloved one. Let us see. You are wearing the truth of your being. [Tee shirt with LOVE logo] There you are; so loved. (Can I have a hug?) Definitely. Thank you. You knew how to work with me. You heard the message, and you had what was necessary, and here she is; to be that expressive one that allows you anywhere you are to feel the vibration of love.

Now, in this evening we will come from a place of love to speak with you about something which has been known a long, long time ago and even in this day, and yet it has not been expressed freely: the Light that you are. Even as you sit or stand or walk, you are the radiant Light expressing in physical form.

You have your most wondrous photography which will take the pictures and show you the light that is emanating from the body, and that is but a small portion of the truth of your being, because the radiant light that you are truly cannot be adequately photographed by your mechanical means even in this day and time.

There is a radiance that goes beyond what can be acknowledged as your Being and a radiance that is the Intelligence of the angelic Being that you are. And yet you take it all for granted. You wake up in the morning and your first thought usually is, “What do I have to do today? Who am I going to meet today? Why do I have to meet them?” I hear some of you asking that question.

“Why do I have to do X, Y, and Z in this day?” and yet you know that you have agreed, even silently, to what will be opening up for you in this day, although you will say, “Well, I don’t know. I know some of the things. I know where I have to be, what I have to do, who I am supposed to meet with.”

But know you, you have a contract, an agreement that there are others that you will—I use this word advisedly—“play” with. (Tim: Just the minor roles) And yet they are the major roles. (Tim: You know they’re the major roles.) Well, as you are captain of your own destiny, yes. You are playing with the lieutenants and majors and whatevers that come into your sphere of acknowledgment. And you have said that you will play it to the hilt. You will enjoy it.

“But Jeshua, do I have to?” Yes, you do have to, because you have agreed that you will have the human experience even as the angelic Being that you are. So there are sometimes when you say, “Oh, do I really have to?” Yes, you do. And I would suggest that you enjoy—be in joy with it, no matter where you are, what you are doing, what you have to do. It is what you have agreed to do to bring the Christ Being into the mundane, seemingly. And yet the mundane has been—what is the word I want to use to characterize the angelic Being—the radiant Being that you are.

With everyone that you interact with, even the ones who come and have their complaints about, “This isn’t going right, that isn’t going right, and why don’t you make it right for me?” Do you ever get those requests? (Tim: No, not at all.) Not at all, no. I see you as you work with your compadres, the ones who come and say, “I was supposed to have such and such, and it isn’t looking right, and it isn’t what I thought it was going to be.” And part of you is saying, “Well, why didn’t you check it out first?” And the other part of you that is disciplined has the smile on the face that says, “Well, we will take care of that for you.” And hopefully, they go away happy.

It is what you have set for yourself as a challenge from time to time, because there are times when you would rather say something else. And yet the heart of you knows, “There goes one just like I am, and there are times when I have been questioning the rightness of what was happening.” So you take the deep breath and say probably a few words under your breath, and you love them, until the next time they come back. Very good.

You see, beloved ones, I had quite a few human lifetimes. I know how it feels to be human. I know, as there was a certain polishing of the human experience, there were times when I came through feeling a bit challenged, and there were times when there was a bit of the energy that rose up and came out of my mouth until the lifetime that is so famous and so written about, and yet you have the story of my so-called righteous anger with the money changers in the temple, so you know that truly I had, for that time anyway, the human lifetime. And it was human, the same as yours.

You are having a human lifetime because the divine of you allows you to focus very specifically upon who and what is in front of you. And it is the Christ that comes forth, sometimes in a great bit of anger. I know that feeling. There are times that call for a demonstration of energy, and there are other times when you know how to take the deep breath and stand back. You say, “This is for good that I stand back, because whoever is in front of me does not have the asbestos suit on.”

But I know the human. You have a saying in your world, “been there, done that.” And I would say to you, as you know very well, that whatever part you are playing, play it to the hilt; in other words, allow yourself, if it is necessary and if it serves the divine education of everyone involved, to bring forth this divine energy in whatever form it needs to take.

You have felt this. Everyone listening to me, everyone hearing this at some point in time, everyone reading the words can relate. The human lifetime, I know it well. I know how the energy feels, and I also know how the heart opens and loves. So it is not by accident that you have chosen a certain pathway in this lifetime, a pathway of love and a pathway that says, “This human expression is a bit tight. I want to expand it a bit.” And I do not mean the bodily form. I mean the energy of you.

Now, in this evening I want to remind you of something that you know very deep within you. You know the Christ Being, and you know that you are making the reality that you experience. You are formulating it moment by moment. If you do not like that which you are experiencing, stop, breathe, choose anew. Because truly, beloved ones, it is your choice as to what you will bring forth, and moreover it is your choice as to how you will judge it.

That which you bring forth at the very first of the expression is without judgment. Very soon after that you run in quickly and judge it. As you get the experience of many lifetimes probably, you will come to the place where the deep breath is the first thing that you experience, because it allows you some space to see anew. Therefore, I highly suggest that any time you need to make a decision, take a deep breath and look at it calmly and with a bit of distance so that you can be immediately truly not right in it or on top of it.

Even the expression that I had with the money changers in the temple, it had a lot of energy and a lot of force, but it was something that I had contemplated, as you will do with certain situations in a physical lifetime. I had thought about making a demonstration and how that would be more pressurizing for the ones experiencing it so that they would pay attention.

Now, first of all, in this evening I would suggest that you pay attention to your feelings even before they are expressed and that you pay attention to the expression that seems to be needful. If you have a feeling that perhaps you would like to think about it, that is okay too. You can do what is necessary in taking another deep breath and asking of yourself, “Is this really necessary for me to teach?”

If the answer is yes, then put yourself wholeheartedly into it; or take the deep breath and say, “Perhaps later.” If it is your mission, the later will come again to you, so you need not worry if you pass by one opportunity, that that’s all there will be, because in truth, you are orchestrating everything that you choose to do moment by moment.

Then I have seen the next thing that you do is to step aside and judge it. Oftentimes you will judge yourself very deeply and harshly, whereas if you take the deep breath and ask of yourself, “How does this benefit everyone?” you will see that truly it does benefit everything, because they have choice. They have choice as to how they see it, and they have choice as to how they will act. So do not judge self too harshly.

Take the deep breath and ask, “Who needed to hear this?” And if the ones around you don’t seem to be the ones who needed to hear it, perhaps you needed to hear it. So allow space for love. Allow space for the judgment to be in love. Even when you judge self…and I have seen you; I know the human condition to be very quick to judge others and to judge self and to say, “Well, I thought I was becoming more Christ-like. I thought because I’ve listened to Jeshua and I know that he walks with me and he walks as me, where did that anger come from? Where did that judgment come from?” And forgive. You know the deeper meaning of that word. It is to give love in place of the judgment; to give love for.

So do not judge self. Allow yourself to say, “Well, I know that the steam tea kettle had a burst of energy, and I really wanted to keep it inside, and I was going to be…I really said I won’t let off the steam.” And yet allow yourself to judge impartially, to look for the whole of what was happening.

I see you in your day-to-day encounters, and I see sometimes the feeling, the energy rising up to want to be explosive. Ask of yourself with the deep breath, “Does this serve a good purpose, or is there another time for this energy?” There are times where there needs to be a forceful expression, but allow yourself to be at peace as the forceful energy comes forth and know that truly you are doing it as a gift to other ones; not as a punishment, because they will not see it that way, but as a gift. They may not see it as a gift either. But allow yourself to stand back and see unimpassionately what is happening.

There is much that is going on in this day and time that calls for judgment. There is much in this day and time that calls for love and understanding. There is much in this day and time that calls for the impassioned decision to share another viewpoint without judging another one as wrong. Allow yourself when the energy rises up to take that deep breath and ask, “Where is this coming from? Does it come from a teaching moment, or does it come from habit?”

You will recognize that much of what you respond to comes initially from a deep- seated judgment of habit. Take another deep breath and allow yourself to stand back and ask, “Who does this serve? Will it serve?” There are times when you teach by having the impassioned energy coming forth, times when you tried the quite voice, times when you have tried to teach with love, times when many don’t hear you. Okay.

But whatever you do, do it with love. There are many teaching times in a human lifetime. I know. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. Many times what you have to say silently and quietly falls upon the hard of hearing and you have wanted to allow others to have a way to have feedback from a different point of view. So allow yourself the deep breath and ask, “Who does this serve?” And then proceed.

Now, one of the things you are going to be playing with in the next six months of your timing is going to be visible by auditory means; in other words, by sometimes taking a stand and speaking your truth, or sometimes by taking a stand quite loudly. You are going to want to discern where the voice is coming from and then make choice. In other words, I am saying to you that there are times when the power needs to come forth, as with the money changers, and there are times when the quiet voice carries power.

Each instance is going to be a bit different. In other words, there is no one decision that covers everything, but there is one ingredient that goes into every decision, and that is love; love of the other one and love of self. I have seen many of you lose your temper and get really angry, sometimes with the small ones, quite often with the tall ones, and then you have said, “Oh, why did I do that. I knew I should not do that.” And yet if you ask of the deeper truth, there are times when the only thing that would be heard would be the strong voice, a bit of the power that you are going to put into it.

As long as you can, stand back from it and be somewhat dispassionate. But allow yourself…that is why you have a saying in your world, a very wise saying that says to count to ten before you act or before you say something, which allows for that deep breath meantime. It is important that you give time allowance and then come forth with it, whatever it is that needs to be said or done. Allow love to be your touchpoint.

Where you are right now in the world, you are having many clues, many flashpoints where there is much that will come to the surface grounded in past experience until you are able with practice to stand back and ask of self, “Where is this coming from? Why is this coming? Is it of this moment, or is it grounded in past experience?”

That is why I have recommended so often the deep breath, because it allows time for you to at least ask, “Where is this coming from, and is this necessary?” If the answer is yes, then go for it. You all know how to do that from the time you were very small. You know how to throw the temper tantrum. You are very good at it. You have practiced many lifetimes how to do it and how to call attention to yourself.

Now you are asking, “What purpose does this serve?” And that is why your best friend is the deep breath. Allow yourself the gift of the deep breath. I think that is a good title for this evening: The Deep Breath.

Does the deep breath feel good? (Yes) Oh, yes. In truth, it allows the body to regenerate itself. It allows the body to feel nurtured. So whenever you are in a situation that calls for a decision, first take the deep breath. And if someone says, “Did you not hear me?” You say, “Oh, yes, I heard you. I am breathing.” And they are going to wonder, “Why does he/she have to breathe after I said that?” You teach, you see. You teach them that once in a while, quite often, the deep breath is the teacher, that which comes with the deep breath and allows for the insight as to where does my reaction come from and what purpose does it serve.

And if nothing else, it does a body good. As you have found out, even when you were small and you would hold your breath as a punishment to the mother/father/whatever, “I‘m not doing that. I’m going to hold my breath.” And they said, “Go ahead.” Or perhaps they took their cue from that and said, “Oh, no, don’t do that. Breathe, please breathe.” And you said, “Aha, I’ve gotten through to them.” Temporary power.

Allow yourself now to be the ancient one who remembers the true power of the deep breath. It allows space for experience.

Now, beloved ones, there are times when your answer to another one is not in words. There are times when your answer to another one is the smile. “Why is she smiling at me? What does she know about me that I thought was hidden? Does she know that I really know what I wanted to say, that I’m not really strong in my convictions? Or does she like me? Thank goodness. There’s a thought. Maybe she’s smiling at me because she really likes me. Oh, no, that can’t be, no. But you know, she’s still smiling. Hmm.”

The smile is your best answer. It will allow space and time for the word answer if there need be, and it gets a calming expression to be put forth.

The Christ nature of you is one of space, of considered allowance; in other words, it is not just empty space, but it is the space of considering what is the best answer in this time. So you will allow some space for thinking, some space for love to come forth, for yourself and for others. Do not forget self. That is why you take the deep breath, to allow the body space and to allow inspiration.

Now, where does that word come from? Inspiration. It comes from the deep breath. As you allow yourself that space for inspiration, you will find that there is a certain peace that comes within you. Quite often you will then express it to other ones, either in words or with a smile, or just with the deep breath that allows them to wonder what is going on and to take a deep breath on their part.

There were many times when we walked together that a question would come up. And while I was thinking of the answer, I would bend over and pick up a twig, a rock, a stone. Sometimes I would write in the sand; in other words, allow space for inspiration, allow space for love of self to come forth.

Although your world says that you have to, you do not have to respond immediately. Allow space for love. Breathe, and allow others to breathe. Because quite often, as you have noticed, when you get into what is a back and forth confrontation even of words, where one will be saying the same thing but in a different way, when you allow the space in there, there is a nurturing that has allowance, space, to be expressed. Even with that space to take a deep breath you are nurturing the body and nurturing the discourse between you.

So I am expressing, advising, take the deep breath as often as you think of it. Make a habit of the deep breath.

There are times when you may want to express in a different way. By that I mean you may want to do something that we spoke of quite a few months ago, like walking through walls. We have spoken of walking through a wall that seems to be keeping you from each other, but also on the physical. We talked about how you can put yourself on the other side of a wall by visualizing space, which is what your wall is; molecules of what you believe to be there, and those molecules are energy and they are moving all the time.

They are not static. You go up to them and you think that they are static, but they are not. They are in motion the whole time, and there is much…your physicists, your scientists have told you this; there is much more space in between the molecules of what seems to be dense than there is material energy. So you can easily go between what seems to be solid particles, and yet the particles, because they are made of energy, are not solid.

So what you practice, and this takes practice, is to visualize going through the space in between the molecules. You visualize, first of all, what you know to be on the other side, and you picture yourself on the other side.

How did I absent myself quite often if something seemed to be a bit dangerous? Now, you have to practice this. It doesn’t usually happen the very first time, although if the impetus is strong enough, you may surprise yourself, and this did happen for me. But you may want to, now that you have begun to think about the body, now that you have begun to think about what is human life and what is the nature of the Christ life, you may want to practice before you might have the need. Although, as I have said, the need is very motivating.

Practice knowing what is on the other side. Or what works very well is to visualize where you want to be. Where is your favorite place to be? Perhaps it is at your home. Perhaps it is at the beach. Perhaps it is half-way up the mountain. Perhaps it is on top of the mountain. Where have you been that you can visualize in objectivity and put the subject, you, into it? Make choice, because you are choosing to be right where you are right now. And if there were motivation to be somewhere else, you can visualize where you would want to be, and with practice in the beginning and the great motivation to be there, you will be there.

You have already in your mind before we came together in this evening, you have visualized where you are going to be and how you are going to be tuned in. But I say to you that you can choose to be right here sitting on the rose couch—these couches right behind me—you can choose to be here no matter the amount of mileage in between, what you see in physicality. You can choose on one evening to be here with body, with your body sitting on the rose couch.

Practice, my boy, practice. That is how you get to Carnegie Hall, and that is how you get to this geographical space or any other space that you visualize. Allow yourself to play with it. You are going to say, “Well, Jeshua, I’m going to know that I’m just playing with it and it’s not really real.” How do you know that this is real? What’s on the other side of that wall? Well, there are some plants called forsythia and some grass probably. How would it feel to be barefoot out there in the grass? Now, you don’t have to be barefoot. You can take your shoes with you. If you want to see yourself out there with the shoes on, that’s okay too. Whatever you visualize and whatever you claim as reality—lower case “r”— can be your Reality—upper case “R”—at that moment. And if it is cold out there, you can visualize being right back here in the warmth.

As I have said, it does not usually happen unless the motivation is really, really strong; it does not happen on the first try. It can, if the motivation is strong enough. But for you, you’re probably going to practice a little bit, and trust. And I will meet you there on the other side.

This is very good practice for when you decide to decease the body, and you don’t have to buy all of the age-old stories that you have to go to a place that is very, very hot to allow all of the dross about you to be burned off, and then you are good enough to ascend. Practice how it would feel to be in a place of love, of sunshine, of light? Know that that is where you go when you say to the body, “Thank you, but see you later; I’ll remake a body somewhere, sometime again.” Will it be the same body? Yes and no; you’ll probably make a few changes; whatever you desire. It is a free choice.

But I would suggest in the years remaining to you in this expression, play with being able to reappear as the body in different circumstances. It may come that you want or need to be removed from a situation, and you will have practiced.

“But Jeshua, I’m trying to make my reality very peaceful so I won’t need to take the body somewhere else.” Very good.

(Somebody sneezes.) Bless you. Know you the expression of a sneeze? Isn’t it amazing? It comes rising up, and all of a sudden there is an explosion of Beingness. It really truly is a miracle. (Another sneeze) Ha ha. You see, one was not enough. Very good. Right on cue. Creativity is your middle name. Oh, actually not middle. It’s your first name. Everybody has their creativity.

Allow yourself to play with the knowing that you create—this is the truth of your Being—you create the physical expression of Who and What you are, moment by moment, and you create the surroundings that you believe to be possible, moment by moment. It is a miracle that you do. “Well, Jeshua, I just take it for granted that it’s going to be there, like the same thing when I wake up in the morning, it’s going to be the same body with the same aches and pains and the same stiffness in some of the joints or whatever, and you know, the hair is going to be the certain same length, and whatever.”

Aha. Maybe yes, maybe no. Allow yourself the freedom to know that in truth—and you know this from your physicists and your scientists, that that wall that seems to be so solid and at this point you would not walk through it, is truly energy in motion all at the same time, the same as your body is energy in motion.

“Okay, I understand that part, like it is in the textbook. I can understand that part. I don’t know how it would feel.” Practice. “How would it feel if I just knew, really knew that I am energy in motion. How would that feel? Oh, I’d better bring in these molecules and make sure I keep them.”

Don’t worry. You are very attractive, and you are going to keep your molecules in order. But play with energy. “I am energy. That is why I can do different techniques, and I can meld them myself with energy, and this part that seems to be so stiff at times, I can put it into a certain vibratory state and it feels better.” Well, of course. It is truly energy in motion the whole time, the same as you are. And you are exercising it very well to serve you.

Now, if that be true, and it is, you can be anything that you visualize and believe. Now, shall we go out and have our class out on the side there? Okay. “Well, almost. I think it’s a little cold out there, Jeshua. I don’t have my coat on.” What if I tell you that you don’t need your coat? You are energy in motion, and you are warm.

“Well, yes, you know, if I can walk through that wall and be on the other side, I can probably be warm.” Very good, that is the first step: believing, knowing. Surprise yourself. Surprise your friends. They’ll say, “What happened here? You were sitting there, and the next thing, your chair is empty and you’re knocking on the window.”

“Oh, yes, I thought I was.” It can happen. And then if nobody pays attention, you go around the house and come in through the garage. Miracle of miracles, you can do it.

Beloved ones, I want you to know, to really know, to feel the power, the energy, the physical energy that you bring together in every moment to express the Christ. It is the Christ Being of you that walks and moves and hugs and talks and sympathizes and hugs. You like the hugs. And the hugs are you. They are you in expression as the love that you are. You get the feeling, first of all, within you. This is, “Oh, you know, a hug would be really nice. I can kind of feel that, you know. I can go up…yes, I think I’d like to do that.” You pick someone and smile, and they smile back, so you know, “Okay, I think it will be okay. I won’t go up and have them throw me off. They’ll say I am loved. And there will be the hug.”

Thank you for being part of the scripting of this evening with your Tee shirt. That is Who and What you are: love walking on two feet, usually two. Oh, but I have seen you down on all fours. But I digress.

This evening we have been speaking about manifesting form through other form, because it is all energy. You know that. Your scientists have told you. In the other times when we meet, we are going to practice going through a wall.

“Okay, maybe I’ll come next time.” Of course, you will. There is nothing beyond you not being able to do it. There is nothing beyond your capability of doing that which we can visualize, talk about, imagine. If you can imagine it, you can do it. And that goes in a very good way as to healing the body. But enough for this evening. Next time we meet, we will talk about re-energizing and healing, w-h-o- l-e-i-n-g the body.

Know that you are so loved, there is nothing beyond what you can do. You are the Christ walking on two feet, hugging with two arms, feeling love for all creation, because you are creating, moment by moment, that which you are, that which you take in as reality, and that which always will be. So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith Coates