We offer you an overall view of the current situations erupting throughout Humanity on the planet earth. As you know, you are in a time of great change where all unhealed trauma is rising to the surface.

What is also rising is the frequency of love as the people of earth come to realize the power that you hold through your united intentions and through the frequencies you radiate. Of course, there are many different frequencies radiating through humanity and they are all churning in the turbulence they create.

Our message to you is to stay focused on the vibrational quality you want to experience in the world. And to do that you may have to stay away from those who are in a different vibration of their choosing. Some are feeding themselves with information containing frightening scenarios that may or may not even happen. Scenarios that bring forth feelings of fear, doom and hopelessness. Even though you want to be of assistance and help others, it is not up to you to try to shift another’s focus. And if you begin to feel guilt – as in, “the world is in such turmoil, what right do I have to be happy”, you can shift that into amplifying your frequency of gratitude for the beauty that you experience in your life. Being in a state of wellbeing, no matter what is happening around you, is what helps to sustain and amplify peace and love. Hold that frequency, grow it and send it into the ethers, directing it towards situations of strife in the world.

Many are currently doing this, sending love and peace to the energies in Ukraine and in Russia. You have to be that peace, that love within you, and then amplify it forth in waves. Be a standing wave of peace. So if you feel yourself to be in a place of peace and well-being, stay there and amplify it.

If you are feeling grief or fear, worry or anger, allow those feelings to be, process them and when you are ready, shift back into the state of well-being, through gratitude, and send your standing wave of love out from there.

This is very powerful. Humanity is growing into realizing just how powerful you are if you are united and adding your energy into the harmonic flow that is focused towards turbulence and strife. Imagine this flow to be a nectar of love, soothing those who are in the center of the conflict and also soothing the hearts of the soldiers on either side of the conflict. Know also, that in this situation, the people are not necessarily standing behind the leadership initiating the conflict. Include them in your focus of peace, harmony and love.

There is strength in numbers, and you are part of the change you want to see in the world. So continue to add your beautiful harmonics to the energy streams of love and peace that are being flowed throughout the consciousness of Humanity. You will begin to see the results of your focus. The realization of the power you hold when united is the gift of this time of turmoil and strife.

Humanity is on an evolutionary path, growing up, as it were, into the knowing of how connected you all are – like a tapestry woven into oneness through the harmonics of feeling tones of love, which are attuned to the Earth, the galaxy and the very Universe and multiverse. This is the immense expansion of the vastness of your being.

Be peace, be love. All is well.

**Channel: Nancy Wallace Ward