Greetings, greetings, we are the collective energy of the Arcturians. We come forth with light, love, technology and wisdom, a light technology which serves the divine. In our communication with you today we wish to speak about Dormant Sadness.

We invite you in this moment to be consciously aware of your body and being.

You may or may not be aware your energy vibration has quickened. When you focus carefully, you can feel your vibration like the rhythm of light of your body and being. A rhythm which is quickening with each advancement, awakening and mastery you achieve. Your body and being is filled with light and wisdom. You have more light, love, truth and wisdom within your being now, then you have ever had upon the Earth.

The advancements that we are seeing spiritually, are ground-breaking and yet, you may feel normal as if you are still struggling or challenging yourself to achieve your ascension. When you take a moment to recognize the light within your being, you really understand how amazing you are, how you are a light being existing and merging with the physical body to exist upon the Earth.

Even though it is immensely challenging your light being supports you in your connection with the divine, the Creator. The more you become aware of the energy vibration or rhythm within your being, the more impactful it is and the more you recognize your vibration in your daily reality.

This is a reminder of the advancements you are making and the power you hold within your being, anything and everything is possible with the love, light, truth and wisdom you hold within your being now.

Sometimes the mind needs time to reflect and to become the same vibration as the body and being. Therefore, thoughts become enlightened and illuminated supporting you in opening your being to receive, embody and activate more light, love, truth and wisdom.

When you are in a space of bliss, connecting with love and light, sadness seems as if it does not exist, it is hidden. You are taken away from your sadness which is appropriate because the bliss and joy that you experience during your spiritual growth and meditations filters into all aspects of your being. It promotes healing, transformation and dissolving of all forms of sadness.

There is a sadness that is dormant within your being. This means a sadness, pain, or separation that is inactive, quiet or maybe even invisible to you. Some people are aware of the Dormant Sadness, and they access it now and then, although it can become overwhelming and so they push it back down. Other people are unable to connect with the Dormant Sadness often because it is too powerful, and they feel themselves powerless or ill-equipped to deal with it. Others may not even realize that it is there.

Every being upon the Earth has this Dormant Sadness. A sadness that is not recognized, that is almost hidden away. It is a core energy of truth, and it holds the most beautiful message of connection and oneness.

When you allow yourself to seep into the sadness that is dormant within your being, you begin to activate it, you may feel its overwhelming power. As you seep into and accept the overwhelming power, you will melt into a space of deep connection and oneness with all that is the Creator. This actually creates connection within your being and your reality.

There may be a pattern throughout your entire reality upon the Earth that causes you sadness. It is often that this pattern of life which causes sadness is from the Dormant Sadness within your being. The sadness is so precious because once it is healed and transformed, the beauty that is created is magnificent.

We the Arcturians, invite you to contemplate the pattern that has occurred and is continuing in your reality causing sadness. It could be that you gained something and then lose it. Your pattern might be of loneliness, illness, or anger and their impact.

We the Arcturians invite you not only to search for the patterns in your life to this date connected to sadness, but we also invite you to contemplate many patterns in your life visible to you.

These patterns will offer to you an opening and an understanding into the energies that you are and hold especially connected to sadness. It is important to not be fearful of the sadness when it rises up, let it find its way out.

If you need to cry, cry, if you need to shout, shout, if you need to dance or move, do so. If you need to take quiet time to process, make sure you are able to achieve this. You may find that it is easier to be alone in this time when the Dormant Sadness rises, and it will only be for a short time.

If you give a dedicated time to it when you feel it emerging, focusing upon it, and asking yourself the best way to release it you will allow the release to be quick and easy.  When you choose to ignore the sadness, it will continue to re-emerge until you are ready to complete it.

Everyone’s Dormant Sadness is born from different things.

For some it is the separation they experienced with the Creator. For others it is due to difficulties, wounds or challenges, feeling unsafe or powerless.

Each person is unique and will release their Dormant Sadness differently.

If you can take some time, light a candle or invite the Violet Flame to support you, transforming and transmuting the energies. Call upon us, the Arcturians, to assist you in this time, realise that you are powerful, and that you are ready to face the sadness.

In doing so, you will melt into a deep connection. Keep this at the front of your mind, that the purpose of releasing the sadness is to melt into a deep connection and oneness with the Creator.

You will move through it; you will be guided through it with ease. For some it will be easy, for others it might be more challenging but because your light, being and body are integrating so deeply, the Dormant Sadness is being revealed or is ready to be revealed.

You do not have to release it now, although we the Arcturians feel that it is a beneficial time because you are powerful, and you are supported. In doing so it will bring tremendous healing, growth, awakening and mastery to your entire being in your reality.

You may find that things are much smoother afterwards and you are able to create your reality with greater ease. It is a time for exploration. Seek out that Dormant Sadness. Simply create the intention to do so and the activation will begin.

We love you eternally and we are present to support you in this moment.

We thank you,

We are the Arcturians

**Channel: Natalie Glasson