Dear Hearts,

Rise up in your Sovereignty, in your Truth in this now moment.

Step into All that you are. All that is for you is already present, abundantly available, and in turning your attention to the opening and expansion of your heart, a flooding occurs- the Creator’s deluge.

You do have wings, and yes my children you can take flight.

(I am given the image of myself stepping out of a shell with my light body emerging, shaking off the shell, and feeling instantly ethereal, lighter, authentically myself)

This is the unfolding that is happening for you Dear Hearts. This is profound opening up and releasing, shedding, transmuting, letting go, stepping up and out into all that you actually are. Understand that this process is achieved through moment by moment focusing.

The tools you have been given are Gratitude, Community, Diversity, Unification, and of course, Divine Love. As you sit with these tools, these qualities, in your meditations, in the quiet times where you rest in your own heart consciousness, increasingly more will come up for you to transmute, honor, bless and release.

This is difficult work.

Transformation takes focus – yet understand that in transforming into the remembrance of All That You Are, you are taking part in the transformation that is happening here on dear Gaia. With Gaia herself and with her people.

As you begin to understand more deeply the interconnectedness, the webbing, the energetic grid that exists in all things, it becomes easier for you to understand the impact you have when you’re focusing inward. In doing the purifying work that is being asked of you at this beautiful moment, this beautiful birthing of all that is new, it is indeed for the Greatest Good of All.

Love is the purifying energy that All is created from, and you can measure everything and simplify everything by asking “What Would Love Do?”

Love releases all that does not serve.

Love transmutes the old and embraces the birth of the new.

Love lets go of judgment.

Love honors the work to be done, the challenges and the struggles, and Love offers blessings to oneself and to all others on the planet no matter their role in the unfolding that is taking place just now.

Love is the superpower that returns us in each moment to the purity of intention we seek.

Never doubt that in doing your own inner work you are doing All that you came to do, for indeed you are the expression in form of Divine Love and it is a beautiful thing to behold my children.

My blessing for you today –

Imagine a starburst of Joy, powerful, really almost too much to behold, blanketing, embracing, soothing, lifting, expanding all that is present on the planet, every energetic body, every life form, every being, All connected and All wrapped in this exuberant gift of my Joy.

So do I bless you.

So do I offer you my Love.

**Channel: Joyful Christie