Greetings, dear ones!

We are, as always, very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. And so, our writer has come out to the sea, asking that we assist with what is happening right now in so many people’s energies.

You may be equating a sort of earthquake experience with what is happening in the world outwardly, and all the very dense and negative news reaching you from the usual media outlets, which we do encourage you to ignore, for the most part.

You can certainly be keyed in a bit to what is happening in the world, without being enveloped by those words and those energies.

Yet many are looking at what is happening, whether that be political or military, economic or social, etc., and they’re saying, “Well, this is a terrible moment! Everything is difficult!”

And we would say, it’s just a Transformative moment, dear ones.

You can, if you wish, begin to panic and feel upset, but we don’t know really, why you would trouble with that.

For this would not reap you the positive outcomes you would desire, for your life and for your family, your community, and the world at large.

This would reap you a feeling of, “We’re sort of abandoned! Where are those galactic family members? Where are these lovely higher beings we always hear about?!”

And we assure you, we’ve never been closer.

With your prayers and declarations and affirmations, and with your increasing levels of vibration, you have only invited us in all the more, to come forward, and to be a part of your experience, as individuals. And as a whole en masse group of beings, who are increasingly so beautifully connected telepathically in the heart-mind, in the spirit—beautifully connected to your Earth, and to one another.

We could not wish for a more beautiful collective of individuals to bless the Earth right now.

So you really have come in to anchor the Light. You truly are here to bless and to awaken the populace, and to assist Earth as She moves forward.

Yet you have this, seemingly, disaster scenario, and we would agree with you, as we have said before—if you were facing all this alone, without the power of your own soul, without the strength of your soul families, the Star Nations, the Angelics, the Ascended Masters, all gods and goddesses dedicated to assisting the Divine path unfolding for humanity at this time, and in general.

Certainly, if you were alone, we would say, “Yes, this is a bit rough! It’s all about survival, isn’t it? Do what you can, and try not to get too depressed.”

But instead, we are saying, “What an astounding time! All of you being transformed, transfigured—in other words, utterly reshaped into a new and higher level.”

And all that which you have found difficult is being transmuted now. 

You’re only going to draw the beauty out of your Earth life experiences—this life and all the others.

You’re only now going to draw in the Strength, the Wisdom, the Self-Knowing of the Universe. The inner Knowing of Who you are, as Creator in human form.

And so as you’re watching this lovely ocean, let’s just do a little bit of energy work.

As you see the birds going by, and see the waves coming in . . . Bring forward the thing that you find most difficult right now.

You see this endless Abundance that is one ocean wave after another—that is similar to the Abundant waves of Divine Light pouring onto the planet.

What is hardest for you about the world, first of all?

Bring that forward. Just speak it in your heart-mind, and let it come forward. Don’t deny it.

If you feel dreadful about it, that’s all right. Let those feelings come up. That’s fine.

So many of you are stressed and worried that most of the human population will sort of disappear under the weight of illness or some other form of dark intervention.

Some are just worried about outer circumstances based on those attacks, and we understand—completely, we understand. We follow exactly what you are saying. We wish for you to image yourself as a beautiful flame.

It might be the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, which transmutes powerfully everything within its reach, and within that flame.

It might just be a beautiful golden white flame, for cleansing and purification.

Whatever you are drawn to is fine.

Turn yourself into that right now, whether you do that with mental-emotional image or feeling, or just holding the intention, if imaging is difficult for you.

“I AM that Flame which Transmutes! And I AM that Flame which purifies everything it touches into pure gold! Into pure living Light.”

And from that Light, we’re going to reflect [back to you] what you are offering onto the world.

So in other words, you are holding the Light of the higher realms, dear ones!

You are holding the Light of the Sun!

You are personifying those particular solar flares that shift dimensional realities and usher in new and higher forms of consciousness.

So that the world situation cannot help but be lifted to a higher level.

If you were in a dark room with things that depended upon the darkness in order to exist, and you threw on a lot of Light and opened the shades, drew back the curtains, and a lot of Light poured in, that which can only exist in the dark would have to leave, or it would just fade away.

It would have to be “recycled” into something else.

That’s all that’s happening. You are the Light that is pouring in! You have ordained it, that in this time, the Earth shall be transformed.

We’re working with all of you right now . . .

Go ahead and bring forth some aspect of your own life that you can’t quite believe—it’s too difficult or too strange or too unwieldy, or just has you a bit mystified, or maybe a little confused.

Again, same process—put it inside the Transmuting Violet Flame of Saint Germain. Or the Diamond White Light, or Divine Golden Light—either flame is fine . . .

And we are assisting all of you in moving from the viewpoint that this is a difficult area and one that needs help, and one that’s sort of special—it somehow or other fell out of Divine favor.

Moving that into the Light, where all judgments about it cease, and all feelings of sadness or loss, or anger or resentment—all of that just fades away.

You might want to grip your hands tightly, as if you were gripping this issue, and then open your hands, to let go your judgments of it.

Then let go all of your judgments of the world right now, because however injurious and strange and unpredictable and potentially dreadful everything may appear, we assure you: the Light has come, and it will only ever get stronger.

You are welcomed back into galactic society, dear ones! All of you, and your planet. 

The doors are opening. The portals are opening. Walk through now.

And don’t feel that this is some strange country that you have no right to access, because this is Home, this interdimensional reality . . . this higher dimensional reality.

And the usurpers and controllers? Being removed. Including that which has plagued you in this and so many other lives.

So we bless and thank all of you for your utterly beautiful presence upon the Earth at this time!

We give thanks for your beauty, your inner strength, your viewpoint, your Joy, and your great Love for humanity, and for your planet. And for your galaxy.

And we return this to you, many times over!

Namaste, dear ones!

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan