The energy is coming in so very high now. It is very chaotic for our old selves as our new selves begin to land in our physical bodies. It is becoming painfully clear when any experience around us is not clear, clean, conscious, or healthy.

We can see this in ourselves, in others, and in our world. We are entering an incredibly deep dive into all aspects of ourselves that must be learned from, let go of, released, and / or returned to sender. And then comes the forgiveness and hopefully the great forgetting. (A subject for another time). As the Apostle Paul said, I die daily. I think what he was speaking about was his dying to his old self and being reborn every single day. I can’t even imagine going through this entire process every single day. But we have become more aware of this process for at least the last couple years. This is a process that began in a very under-whelming, and for many in a disappointing, way, at the end of the year 2012. I feel like the gravity of the new earth cycle has begun to embody us now. We’re starting to put our feet down in this new time. We still can’t see our feet on the ground underneath us because we are so very pregnant with all the possibility, but I can feel us starting to land.

Aboriginals say that our dream world is the real world and the awake world is the illusion. I feel we are starting to experience this. In recent days many feel like we are walking through life like a ghost, like sleepwalking, dream walking, and we don’t feel like ourselves anymore. We feel like the emptied chalice awaiting for something that is worthy enough to put back in our purified sacred vessels. And this is a process that cannot be rushed. So I expect we will all try to force it from time to time, only to be put back in the void waiting for just the right unique frequency.

For some odd reason, even though we feel like we are walking through a dreamy void where we can barely hang onto time and space, many are not feeling worried about what comes next, or even our tomorrows. We are feeling oddly neutral and at peace, even though everything around us seems to be falling apart and crumbling. There still can be great suffering, along with many regrets, but it doesn’t impact us in the same way as before. Something at our core has changed. It has changed our base perceptions on how we perceive life. But as things continue to crumble, some things in our lives we can still maintain. Other things crumble beyond repair and there is grief in letting go. At the same time we can feel an odd prevalent peace for where we are right now. Somehow deep inside we know it’s going to be OK. We just don’t know how. Not yet anyway.

We are becoming way more sensitive than we ever have before. Some are bordering the edges of obtaining telepathy. Maybe all the isolation has really helped us in this matter. Even though the process is really quite uncomfortable and takes time for us to adjust. Even little things that are out of alignment with the truth of the new frequencies are so painful that we can hardly tolerate it. It sounds like a challenging situation but actually it’s quite beautiful. The earth is raising her frequency faster than ever before. The pace is so fast we have no time to think moment to moment, because we are leaping and leaping again into a void, hoping and praying that the landing will be survivable. Because were in a physical body on this earth there is no way no way to avoid rising up with mother earth. And now it has become just too painful not to let go and let God. The only way out is through.

This time has hit my entire life very deeply. I’ve had to go into some very powerful deep surrender modes for a lot of reasons. It is the most challenging time I have felt since the mid 1980s, just before the harmonic convergence of 1987. But most of us have a much bigger toolbox now, and deeper wisdom on how to handle situations like this. Still it’s not an easy journey. After the harmonic convergence was a great wave of awakening for uncountable people, and nothing that we could have ever imagined has transpired after that time. My life was completely and totally different, a total reboot that I tried so very hard to avoid. We all try to avoid change. It’s human nature to want to hang onto the status quo. But sometimes the universe loves us so much, that it picks us up and puts us right back on track. I can see this time is spherical for sure. We have detoured so far away from truth, or maybe we are just now realizing it. But we are coming back around to a new beginning at a higher frequency. I don’t think we’re going to be allowed to detour much further away from our cores.

These days, I am just allowing and being present to what transpires next. For people who have been able to see, like oracles, clairvoyants, sensitives, etc., this time has been incredibly tough because were used to seeing out in front of us like a blazing headlight into the future. Right now we can only see glimpses. The glimpses I see feel really incredible, but they’re only there for a fraction of a second and not long enough to hold onto, or able to grasp so we can look deeper. It’s like watching the movie of our lives on fast forward. We might feel deeply tired in ways we haven’t felt in a very long time. Our bodies are deeply changing to assimilate the new energies. There is no coming back from this. The changes are not reversible. And where you are at in this moment is certainly not the destination. Deep rest is badly needed, yet it might not come easily to us.

Deep down, I know it’s all good. And I’m not sugar coating this. People that know me know I don’t do that. I really balk at people sugar coating reality for the sake of being positive and spiritually correct. When we avoid our challenges, our wounds, our pain, those issues become like a little child who feels even more ignored, and unloved, and they only get more insistent that you pay attention. Sugar coating a form of avoidance. And right now avoidance is like almost like poison to us.

Love seems to be the forefront of what is coming ahead of us. But we can only get little glimpses. All I know is LOVE is going to be the answer. We always say this. We all know this. But now it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It’s not the sweet sugary coated love that we romanticize about. Love will shred anything that’s anything but. Fear, judgment, control, anger, ego, lies, greed, manipulation, etc., even running from facing our shadows and our deepest wounds in our past, isn’t going to work anymore. People are literally quaking in their skin as all the miss-creations from our past are being shaken out of us.

We have gone out to the outer reaches of so many programs, ideas, thoughts and perspectives. It’s all circling back around, back to a great cosmic center. We all have felt so separated at this time, and now I can see it was only a giant spherical timeline where we will all come back together as one, and realize how ridiculous we all have been. We have been passing judgments on each other for the most ridiculous petty reasons. Cutting ties with people that are our like-minded family over one or two simple differences. And yet it’s still important to maintain boundaries to experiences that have just become too toxic to move forward. This is what is awakening is all about. It’s not something we learn when we read in a book, or go to a workshop, or watch a video. Awakening comes from deep and often times gut wrenching awareness of painful life experiences. The type of life experience that makes us cry to God for mercy. And when you discover the relief isn’t coming because we ARE God, we have a choice. We can give up, or stand up and get stronger. And I know a lot of you out there are getting so much stronger. But you might not feel this right now. But you are.

**Channel: Aluna Joy