In the last few days, an intense Mother Healing has occurred within humanity. It is a deep healing of the “Mother” aspect of the Feminine Divine, and indeed within the Masculine and Feminine.

This mother healing extends down the whole ancestral lineages, as well as through what has been encoded in our DNA.

More than this, this mother healing extended into our very souls, and not only in this lifetime, as the inner child went through great mother healing, but also all the other lifetimes before us, where we have been a mother, a grandmother, or in any form of mothering – for men also “mother” in their own unique way, and this may not always be obvious. Yet, some men, whose heart center is fully open, do have this as well.

This healing went deeply into the woundedness of the Matriarchal societies, for indeed in the beginning the Matriarchy ruled, only to be supplanted by the Patriarchy. Yet, in many tribal aspect Matriarchy has always ruled.

What has happened here, was a huge shift into balance, between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, as well as the woundedness of many millions of years on this planet, where the imbalance created wars and destruction, separation, alienation, divisions, so often slavery, and injustice.

I was in tears this morning, as the Divine Feminine appeared to me, and I had a deep mother and feminine side healing, as my feminine side, the left side, truly came to the fore in the physical sense, in the last few weeks. I did intense inner healing work, and only when this dawned upon me, did I realize, that this was not only my healing, but also for the whole of humanity.

I was shown how the Divine Feminine, was pouring unconditional Mother Love into every single soul upon earth. It moved right into the heart center as connected to the soul, and it was profound. Divine showers of love, rippling out and indeed then going deeply into Mother Earth and deeply into all creatures on earth and in the sky and indeed bringing in a deep heart-love activation as never experienced before.

This will cause an even greater awakening in souls on earth, on massive scales now. It will be as if the shackles and bonds which kept humanity prisoner for so long, will just fall off as will the blindness, the often unwillingness to see the truth.

It is bringing in a deep awakening of Divine Truth within all of us. It will be that we suddenly clearly see the truth, and know the truth in our deepest soul, as the heart opens more and more.

Yesterday, was the final opening of the gateways to the New Age of Aquarius and the New Golden Age of Peace, Unity and Oneness. There are great celebrations at Universal and Omniversal levels, that the new birth has occurred and thus our lives will change now dramatically in all aspects of life and living, as souls remember the truth of who and what they in truth are, what they have incarnated to be and do, and indeed there will be a mass awakening of hidden potential and genius, which will indeed bring this in form and creation in the New Golden Age!

The Divine Mothers love is all embracing! It is all-healing, and it is indeed omnipotent!

Open your heart and soul and allow the Divine Mother to embrace you, to hold you, to cradle you in her arms, and hold you to her bosom, and then feel that love healing the deepest woundedness of your soul, whether conscious, or unconscious and then allow yourself to take your own little child into your own arms, and cradle him or her and then allow your true loving soul to embrace this child and tell it how much you love him/her. As the Divine Mother love will just sweep through you, and into that little child, and heal it in the deepest sense, as deep Mother Healing occurs, also in all lifetimes where you were a mother or mothered others.

The Divine Love is immensely powerful and indeed open yourself to be cleaved open, so that the deepest healing and releasing now can come and indeed feel yourself so filled with Divine Love, that it is overflowing from your heart center into every soul you encounter and interact with.

Now expand that love and pour it into all the trouble spots on earth, and into your country, into home, your city, your town, your village, and into the whole of Mother Earth. Do not stop until the whole country, the whole earth is filled with Love. You are asked to render this act of Mother Love to everyone and everything today, yourself included.

**By Judith Kusel