I am your Saint Germain. I am here at this time to continue to assist you in doing exactly what you have been talking about, working toward, and that is certainly letting go.

Let go of the old. That is what the Violet Flame is all about: letting go. Purging out all the old programming that is no longer needed, the old memories that hold you to this illusion of separation.

Know that it is all being purged away whenever you use the Violet Flame. Or the other tools that you may have become aware of over the years, whatever they might be. Whether it is Archangel Michael’s Flaming Blue Sword of Truth to sever any old ties, or crystals that you are working with bringing back memories of Atlantis and Lemuria to you, whatever it is.

Know that this is all about a letting-go process. Let go of the old. Be established in the new. And look toward the future. Because you are creating it each and every moment right now, whether you are in the illusion or outside of the illusion. You are creating your life as you move forward.

You are creating your own reality. Your reality is not creating you. It is those that believe that reality is creating them that are remaining ensconced within the old illusion within the third-dimensional illusion. And as long as they continue to feel and know that, or believe that, that is where they will remain. There is nothing you can do to bring them out of that until they are ready.

But indeed, when they are ready, they will call upon you, many of them. Many of your family, your friends will remember that, yes, you brought that up to them once before, and here now, maybe you have been right all along!

Now, this is not an ego expression we are talking about here that I am referring to. Not about ego, but about letting go. Letting go of whatever anybody thinks or feels about their own lives, or even about you–it matters not. Just focus on your own life moving forward. And express to them, or help them, assist them when they call for it, when they ask for it.

And that is your mission at this point. Many of you are in that part of your mission right now, and are recognizing that that is a mission for you. Now your mission, though, will change as you move along. Mission, Missions will continue to evolve as this entire process of letting go, this entire ascension process continues through this transition that you are already moving through.

Yes indeed you are in the transition right now. The transition from the old life, the old illusionary third-dimensional expression into the new higher expression of the fourth and fifth dimension. You are already doing that. You are already moving through this transition, all that is happening around you, all of the things that are happening within the illusion.

As you have heard many times, think of it as a show, as a movie that is playing out, and you are just witnessing it, observing it. You can be a part of it at times. Yes, indeed, you are a part of it at times. But most of the time, just be the observer as much as you possibly can. And when you are the observer, you are not part of the third-dimensional expression in those moments. So be the observer, and let the show play on. And know that the end of this show is going to be amazingly exciting to you. Just be ready for that. Because it is all coming together.

As you have heard many times, trust the plan. Trust the plan. The plan cannot be stopped at this point. And everything that is happening, no matter whether it is seemingly part of the dark or of the light, everything that is happening is part of the plan. And know that. Know that as you continue moving forward through this transition that you are in right now. Know that everything indeed is happening for a reason as part of the plan, no matter what it is.

And as the plan continues on, so too does the ascension process. So know that also. You are all moving toward the ascension.

As you have heard many times, the dark forces have been doing everything they can to hold you back from ascension, because they knew. As soon as the population began to wake up, they were finished. So they have been doing everything they can to keep you from waking up.

But alas, you are all waking up. And I speak now beyond just the Lightworking Community. Many, many more are waking up across the planet in countries all over the planet, waking, becoming aware of what has been happening to them. Becoming aware that their freedom has been taken away. And it cannot be given away unless you give it away. And those ones that are in Canada, the Freedom Truckers, and other countries now, are aware of this. Maybe not on the level that you are, but they are aware that they want to hold onto their freedom. That is the most important thing to them—freedom! And that cannot be taken away from someone who does not let them take it away.

So know as you continue to move through the rest of this year, that everything indeed is happening exactly as it needs to. Being tweaked here and there, yes, certainly. Those of the Forces of Light are working hard to overcome all of the plans, the programs that the dark forces have attempted to usher into the population of this planet. Because it is all a part of their plan, their old plan. But the forces of Light know this plan. They know it, and they are coming against it every opportunity that they have, and know ahead of time what their next move it going to be, and their next move. As you have heard many times, this is a chess match. But the forces of darkness are working in the 3-D world of chess. Whereas those of the Forces of Light are in 5-D. And many, many steps ahead of those of the forces of darkness.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And know that freedom is indeed at hand for the entire population of this planet.

Peace and love be with all of you.

**Channel: James McConnell

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