It is the One.

You are surrounded with activity and it is boisterous. You have entered the storm, and sit balanced on the edge of the eye. This is not a balance you’ll hold for much longer, as the sheer force of the eye will pull you into it.

At that moment – the activity, the change and the conflict will reach into your lifetime without you looking for it. It will be evident in your daily life.

There is to be a change and this moment for its start is right here, and right now. You will not escape sight of it, and will feel its impact in your day to day.

It is not clear, not precisely, how this change will appear to you in your hometown.

It is clear that it will appear.

We’ve spoken of this for two years now, and of the necessity for it before then. You are ready.

This next part is the reason many of you are here now. This next part encompasses the rest of your days. Although, due to the impending change it ushers in, you will feel its intensity immediately.

That intense energy for change is a combination of the culmination of the force of your desire, with your “waking up” to truth. It sort of explodes on the scene in a reversal of assumed control.

It is seen, by those in absolute power here, as ownership. Any action thwarting that ownership, is assumed by them to be a theft. Expect them to act accordingly, feeling that something is being stolen from them. Expect direct opposition to any and all attempts at independence.

Remember that you (humanity) now have assistance. Assistance from off-world.

Remember that the end is seen, and has been recorded. It is absolute. This is the freeing of a race.

This is not a time to be timid or to hold back. Make your stand.

Clarity of intent and purpose enhances your manifestation ability and speed. You know how this works.

Regardless of your current location or situation, broadcast your light. Expand your love. Express compassion and speak your truth somehow. It’s time for you to be heard.

Do what you can from wherever you find yourself now, and remember, this is good news. Humanity has chosen to save themselves. The obvious, active result of their choice erupts now.

You are right there.

You’ve heard this before. Some of you for many years. Yet I tell you, the difference today is the volume at which humanity speaks. You are One. *

It is an astounding feat, and has been performed in your uniquely beautiful and creative fashion. It began with a Canadian Convoy.

The world now watches and chimes in. On some level your life has been changed by this convoy. Your choice is being declared by your resulting decisions, your subsequent actions, your thoughts and your words.

For remember your power. It is formidable and it is worldwide.

Everyone holds this creative spark, and activates it with each word and thought. As the veil thins, this power is amplified. Harness it, with positive thoughts, creative solutions that feed your heart, kind words that feed your soul, and self-directed action.

The longer you submit to tyranny, the longer the tyranny demands that you do.

Employ your heart, your truth and your light – full time now.

As you do, your new world is birthed.

You are doing this yourselves.

You have help.

There are surprises in store that will demonstrate the truth.

The Force of Creation itself stands beside you.

Godspeed, dear human, Godspeed.

You are in for such a treat.

That is all for now.

Thank you.

*Here there were impressions and visuals. There is stark contrast from where we were a decade ago, to where we are today. We are aware of each other with a global perception, and when we speak, whether online or in person via protests, we are united, loud and aware of each other. We have begun to speak of ourselves as if we were One race, not just one isolated person. This is the difference. It is astounding and very powerful. It is filled with love. We are experiencing visceral Oneness and it is truly an incredible thing.

©2011-2022 Sophia Love All Rights Reserved.
We are One. This is our planet. We are freeing her now.