What is taking place now

Every day people awaken and the mystery of transformation takes place. Upset by the current events, more and more people are invited to awaken.

In fact, the number of those who wish to explore themselves and to understand life is awe-inspiring. It is still not reflected in outer events, still the noise of this time is drowning the quiet transformation that is taking place in people’s hearts.

But as soon as you become still and shift your attention, a whole new world opens up for you, and a new reality – the reality that humanity is rising and awakening, that a certain amount of people have taken course toward the light and can be dissuaded by nothing and no-one.

In the future, the earths of the third and fourth dimension will only be home to those human beings who wish to collect more experiences in this density and whose cycle of life is still incomplete.

The breakthrough

Even though it sometimes seems to you as if there were no way out of this situation and the dark forces had the upper hand, the truth lies in the fact that their war is lost and your battle is won.

Silently, the energy of breakthrough is building up inside of people – and on a day still unknown, completely unexpectedly, the full magnitude of lies will become obvious. Simultaneously, by the inner strength of the people, everything will turn to good account and towards the light.

The days prior – this is the time you sometimes bemoan – help you prepare. The deeper you are rooted within yourself and the more you are connected with your soul, the greater your understanding for cosmic correlations and the easier and more harmoniously your life can unfold.

On that day that is about to come, the forces of darkness will cede and leave the earth to you. Quietly and through continuous processes of transformation, you are being attuned to that day.

Because then you will be facing the biggest and at the same time most beautiful challenge: uniting humanity in its diversity, and protecting and preserving the earth as a jewel of divine order.

The light within you is the key, as is the realization of the power of your love – now and forever.

I love you endlessly,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl