Hey soul family!

I know that what I am going to say now will perhaps sound strange and for some maybe even hard to comprehend with the mind.

For several times I have been waking up with the feelings that this place, the world, is not real. I have literally heard my soul tell me: “this is not real” right when I would wake up. This does not mean that the physical reality does not exist or that experiences here aren’t true. But what this does mean is that everything we experience while we are here isn’t the true reflection of the grandness of our soul.

While we are here, we are living in a dream. While being here we get to be the avatar with a full range of colored emotions and beliefs that shape our current experiences within this dream. We have decided to become part of this dream that we have created for ourselves to feel emotions that we would have never felt if we were in our true reality where we are in our full awareness all the time.

In our true essence and in our energetic form we do not experience emotions so vividly, we do not know polarity and it doesn’t impact us in any way. There is no discovery for us to do when we are in full awareness of our wholeness and the God creation that we are and always have been. So, we have decided to descend into the dream and to be part of a collective dream until we realize that all that we think, feel, experience is a part of the creation that only exists here and now.

We have decided to fall asleep and forget who we are for a period of time. There is no other creation like the dream to be a human being in the year of 2022 here on earth. But once we realize that the pain, we feel is part of the dream we do not have to own it as a part of our essence. Nothing we ever experience here is a definition of who we are inside. Nothing that happens in the world is a true reflection of any soul that is walking on earth.

Everyone is part of the dream and playing their role as they have designed it themselves before stepping into it.

Now there are those that are becoming lucid, questioning their reality, their role here and who they really are. They are seeing things being played out that do not align with what the feel inside.

The seed of awareness within them is growing, as it always has been the plan. They are starting to search for the truth within this dream and wiping the sleep from their eyes. They are becoming awake within this dream. More and more people are becoming lucid and asking questions about questionable creations that are happening within the construction of this dream reality. More and more are starting to realize that this simulation is one that was designed to keep everyone in a state of sleep.

I do have to tell you that this was by design. This creation was not done unto us without our permission, and we are not victims of our circumstances. We have made the conscious choice to be in this dream at a soul level. It has served a higher purpose and it was created so that souls could experience the full spectrum of human emotions.

Everything that has happened in the history of mankind is because it was part of the human experience, and each person chose for it. So, then we have descended into a state of sleep to have the full and complete experience of incarnation at a 3d level. But at this time, we are upgrading and realizing that we can recreate the dream to our own preference.

We have to look at everything that has happened and still is happening through the eyes of compassion and awareness at a soul level. Do not let yourself be tricked by the negative emotions that come up while being in this reality where people are playing a part in their own dream.

Rise above it and understand that this is a temporary experience that you have chosen for yourself to go through because you wanted to be part of the awakening within the dream.

So be here knowing that it is all part of this creative dreamscape and that you are here observing, knowing that we are all waking up in our own time. Nothing that happens here can ever destroy the divine creation that you are. You are untouchable, you are a perfect divine creation living as an aware being within a dream where you can be whoever you choose to be.

Be you, do you and be free with the knowingness that nothing that happens here will ever influence who you are deep inside.

Nothing will ever touch your core because you are awakened to your own truth.

**By Dana Grozdanova