Multiple stealth fighter jets were reportedly spotted intercepting a white orb UFO flying over Hawaii at the start of this week.

It has been reported that “many witnesses” noticed the peculiar object hovering over the island of Oahu on Tuesday, February 12.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, F-22 jets were caught responding to a series of reports, which said the object was seen stationary for a period of time.

Scott Waring wrote on the research blog: “Wow, several people recently saw a white orb in Hawaii! One said an aviation person reported several F-22 jets alerted to a UFO in the area!

“I was watching the live cam in Oahu, Hawaii and caught this small white orb coming out of the clouds, and then it moved straight up.

“When it exited the cloud, it turned 90 degrees, and went straight up.”

The blogger was not the only one who noticed the UFO, as other users took to social media to share what they saw.

One person asked for help on Twitter and said: “Can anyone explain what this unidentified flying object is in the sky?

“It has been stationary for at least 30 minutes and no one in Hawaii can figure out what it is @Nasa.”

While another user said: “Someone who works in aviation here on the island received communications that there were F-22s intercepting a UFO.

“The aviation person told me that the UFO is many miles offshore from Princeville over the ocean. It remained in one spot for at least 40 minutes.”

The day before this took place, a huge mysterious object was seen floating above Kauai in Hawaii which sparked a military response.

It was reported that dozens of locals saw the object and said it was bright and claimed it wasn’t moving.

The object was later identified as an unmanned balloon after the military responded with aircraft on Monday, according to Hawaii News Now.

**By Monica Charsley