Wow, so much is happening within and around us now the February 22 โ€“ 2022 love portal is opening more.

Much is going on right now energetically with big energy waves coming in causing new shifts within and around us. It might feel like a negative storm triggering things as we are in an intensely powerful transition, from the Old Earth into the New, and we feel the resistance of many. We might feel this on all levels, mental, Physical, emotional, energetically.

Many of us can feel the struggle of the dark energies trying to push back the divine higher love and light frequencies and higher divine love energies coming in.

We see this struggle between dark and light in the world outside us also.

Make sure you stay calm and be the observer and keep self love, self care connecting with the divine, the angelic host , the ascended host and galactic host priority, be in your heart.

I am experiencing and feeling interference / attack energies. When we feel this we know we are doing a great job getting rid of all the dark and negative energies on the planet, all that is dark does not like us stepping up into our power of love and light ๐Ÿ™‚

Know these energies can also cause technical problems like what I am experiencing with my new computer being shut down 3 times last night causing real technical damage. I am now in the process of fixing so I was glad to still have my old PC standby.

It is not mentioned much but with new doors opening via big portals light comes in but also hidden darkness can try to come in and block your ascension as we are open wide.

Only when you choose to rise above lower vibrational and negative dark energies with love and light , stay grounded you are able to discern and see the interference as proof you are doing a fantastic job clearing all negative energies and hooks from your life. See it as a final and desperate attempt to stop your ascension.

When you choose love and ascension you can not be stopped as you are being protected by all that is holy and divine.

We have so much support right now, all the ascended masters, the archangels, the angels, our galactic brothers and sisters and our mother/father God source are here to support us, we are unstoppable.

Demand and command that all energies, old stories and people not serving your highest good, ascension process and not from a place of higher love to be removed. Request to be freed of the lower vibrational 3D Matrix and people, to be uplifted to the 5th dimension.

There is no need for fear, doubt or worry so continue to focus on your dreams for the new world, stay positive and keep a positive mindset. You are not alone, stay safe, letโ€™s hold hands and connect with the higher dimensional realm of love.

We are doing it, the 22-2-22 portal will help us move away from all that no longer serves us, sending us more love and support then ever before.

Call upon your guides, your galactic family, your angels for help.

Clearing & Protection Prayer โ€“ Affirmation:

Dear Universe, Archangels, God, Spirit, The Ascended Masters & My Highest Light Team. Please clear & protect me, my home, my workspace and my family from all negativity, entities and blocks to positive expression so I can be my true self, move forward, shine my light and share my love & gifts with the world.

Please close with the request to your divine I am presence and divine team to place a crystalline cocoon around you for protection.

Much Love ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’›

Love & Light Blessings

**By David Alexander Lightfoot