Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s declaration of martial law against the peaceful Freedom Convoy in Ottawa is accelerating the awakening to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset takeover.

The latest example comes from Joe Rogan’s latest podcast, where guest Maajid Nawaz highlighted WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s own words bragging about embedding his acolytes into various governments around the world to implement the Great Reset agenda.

“On their own website, they call it the Great Reset. That’s what they say themselves,” Nawaz pointed out, explaining that the scheme calls for a “social credit score” via vaccine passports.

Rogan noted how “bizarre” it was that certain politicians openly brag about the Great Reset while simultaneously insisting that it’s just a “conspiracy theory.”

“That’s a bizarre thing to do, to openly- why do you think they openly discuss it that way? Because the Great Reset has always been this gigantic conspiracy theory among the online folks,” Rogan said, adding that Schwab even wrote a book called “The Great Reset.”

“Hey man, shouldn’t you be hiding this?” Rogan joked.

“People have to realize this, right? This is important,” he added.

As it happens, many more people are realizing the WEF’s Great Reset agenda, such as Canadian MP Colin Carrie, who called out the WEF’s influence over Trudeau’s government before getting abruptly censored and accused of spreading “disinformation.”

And as more people wake up to the sinister Great Reset plan, so too are they beginning to identify the WEF-captured politicians like Trudeau who are pushing it.

Notably, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò issued a statement last week calling upon the nations of the world to realize that the martial law tyranny now descending upon Canada is just the first phase of the Great Reset, and must be resisted at all costs.

The globalists are facing a predicament: the harder they crack down against dissent of their medical tyranny, the faster citizens wake up to the Great Reset.