The intense emotions and energies we feel are high. The empaths having it hard receiving new high energies and releasing transmuting all lower dark vibration energies that came over us yesterday. Other people were projecting their fears on us.

I had a hard time yesterday and I know many of you were also. I felt so lost and overwhelmed by negativity energies again, emotions of fear, grief, not wanting to live anymore feeling very tired. A dear friend of mine, also on the path, could share it was misery energy that was somehow trying to block us but it failed.

I know all is exhausting but keep believing in yourself. You’ll handle this shift too and we are almost trough this storm so do not get involved in any fights, do not resist any emotions and feelings coming to surface as it is meant to leave. We can not hold on to the old ways anymore.

Keep a positive mindset as we are in the finals when it comes to shedding this world from all darkness and control energies and we all, including those now awakening deep, are seeing the rising questions within the collective.

This is happening because you chose to bring love to the planet and now your long-term desires are being renewed.

So much has been cleansed & shed within you it now effects the outer world big time. The darkness and triggers from yesterday have been removed. Other people have no control over you anymore. Let them deal with their own stuff. You are not hear to save people.

Do not hold on to old thought, old beliefs as they will block you from moving forward, just Imagine your new world, your dreams and hopes coming true now!.

We are being reset into our divine blueprint.

Most people have no clue what a hard job we took on by choosing to come down as starseeds to step forward as wayshowers changing the world and we do it from within.

Twin flames are playing an amazing role now also, even when not together doing clearing work to be able to be with their partner they unite the divine feminine and masculine energies bring even more divine energies to our planet.

The 22-02-2022 or 02-22-2022 gateway has already opened up and is going to bring so much positive change energies, it will be amazing. We can see the affects in the world as the masks will come of , the veil will be lifted for even more people to see real truth and awaken.

We will receive more insight of who we truly are, where we come from. The knowledge and wisdom we have stored in us, our gifts and talents are activated so do not be surprised when you learn more about yourself as you open up more.

Keep a positive mindset.

We are doing a fabulous job, much magic is being activated with ourselves and within the planet opening new doors to a bright future for all of humanity.

Make sure you relax, again do not fight any emotions or triggers you feel coming up, just relax and breath, every day we grow stronger in our sovereign power, we are doing it, you are doing it and we are starting to see new connections with the universe and in personal situations.

I know it has not been easy many times but we are still here.

It is time we live the lives we came here to live, in love, in freedom using our talents and gifts.

The next few days try to take as much time for yourself as posible, do not connecte with negative people or watch to much tv as we are doing much inner work, we will clear so much for ourselves if we do.

Just Hold On, You’re Not Alone.

Much Love and many divine blessings & miracles 🥰🙏

**By David Alexander Lightfoot