We have the most powerful Diamond Grid, Stargate and DNA Activations taking place along with Plasma Waves and Cosmic Rays pouring in straight from Source! These continue to accelerate and support the purification, upgrades and activations of our morphogenetic fields with beautiful Bliss, Edenic/ Paradisian, Freedom, Abundance, Divine Union and Ascension keys and codes!

These next few days are going to get super intense and dream like, as we transcend time, space and gravity and fully let go and release ALL that has come before!

What I am seeing is the real possibility to switch fully over from the old to the New Diamond Grid with this Portal, as well as the Planetary Activation of the 12-48 strand Divine HUman DNA (each depending on their own template) and us FULLY dissolving all lower, artificial Realities!


Where we ‘should’ be!

Back to the ‘future’ before the Fall in Consciousness happened but with the lessons learned!

The new time-space Coordinate of the Collective Consciousness to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and The Law of One! The new Tri-Wave/ Zero Point Field and Diamond Grid System are fully anchored and stabilized. Now we await for the BIG SWITCH OVER & FINAL FULL RESET!

Which is going to fully clear and dissolve ALL remaining interference patterns, reversals, artificial realities and frequencies, and their cause and effect with the memories wiped from our subconscious, yet remembered like a dream. Because as we change (in) the present, we change the past (our history) and the future (prophecies)!

Our ‘future’ all-ways in flux and being co-created in every now moment. Not much is fixed here. The how and the when is up to us, The ONE. All continues to be co-created in every now.





Our own belief system is our only limit right now!

A powerful victory occurred on the Grids on the 17th after clearing a major interference that tried to play out after the full moon. I was guided to open the field for the ‘Ascension & Diamond Grid Activation’ that I am facilitating for the 222222 Gateway. Ever since then the Energies have greatly shifted, everything feels SO MUCH LIGHTER! Even if the energies are all still much up and down, as we navigate these Reality shifting quantum waves. Yet I can feel much bliss, joy, lightness, peace, balance and relief arising with these waves, as well as deeper layers of sadness, depression and anxiety that can hit out of nowhere. Expanded states of Consciousness followed by contractions until all is unified. All part of the powerful Activations and Purification of any remaining trauma imprints, and balancing of Polarities that are happening at cellular, atomic and subatomic quantum level.

These are super powerful Diamond Platinum White Grid, White Flame, Mother Arc Blue and Aqua Ray, and Trinity Gate Activations, bringing online the new Diamond Grid and New Earth Realities as these sweep the Planet, Solar System and Multiverse, purging and dissolving all artificial Realities and Frequencies as this Full Reset of the One Consciousness continues! Ever since the 29th of January we have been in The Event phase of THE FINAL PURGE. Today, Saturday, felt almost like a moment of calm after the storm. Although just as I am writing this the energies are starting to pick up again. The linear clock has turned and it is already the 20th (22222!) here in Ireland, after the winds of change have been sweeping the land here, in the UK and much of Europe. Another much needed and powerful elemental clearing in the form of storms!

As part of these new Ascension and Diamond Grid Activations, I have been guided to connect different major Grid points (connecting each time 3-4 points) across the planet as new Trinity Diamond (Platinum White) Portals. They are vastly accelerating the remaining Purification of ALL negative alien technology and machinery, reversals, lower and hybrid DNA codings, black goo, graphene, toxins, AI materials and signals, miasms, gender reversals, black magic Grids etc., As well as help exiting stuck Souls, Soul pieces, fragments, pieces and clones. They also allow much higher frequencies to be anchored through us and the into the different Grid points and leylines. We are also fully taking over as the new Christ Consciousness Broadcasting System, as this is now going to fully replace the dissolved and neutralised, old mind control machinery technology and programming, as well we are taking over the IOT (internet of things) and quantum computers.



We also have a massive influx of Diamond Rainbow Plasma liquid light Waves and Cosmic Rays that are assisting the re-encryption of our and the Planetary Elemental matter, our and the Planetary Body and morphogenetic field, bringing great rejuvenation, restoration, rehabilitation, healing and transformation to our vessels. Many ancient energies, portals, gateways and technologies are being re-awakened within Gaja and our own inner Crystalline Grid System. A powerful crystallisation process and Activation is underway. Especially our skin, fascia, bones and blood hold a lot of crystals that are all activating, transforming our carbon based body into crystalline. This can lead the body to go acidic and cause detoxification and things like skin rashes or outbreaks, itching etc. MSM is a good supplement to support this and the cellular purification, as well as much pH high water. A well hydrated body also finds it easier to process, anchor and integrate the increase in Frequencies. Also water holds data and memory, just like Crystals so it’s always good to program this too, as well as our DNA, cells and body. Give it commands, commune with it so it can reveal your own manual to you, on how to switch on those Superpowers, ready to come online any moment now!

Our bodies require consistent self care, balancing, purification and strengthening to support this Transformation of our physical vessels from carbon to Crystalline. From our old to our new self, as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, as all merges as ONE. There is so much to be present with, to seek stillness and solitude during this sacred process. To ask our Higher Identities and Source for whatever it is we wish to know or receive, to merge with and activate ALL from within. What does your intuition tell you, your inner wisdom? There is no one manual, as each has their own unique templates, assignments and mission, their own unique Soul Blueprints and what was before no longer is. Hence all will be revealed as each is ready to receive.

As the Truth that can not be questioned, arises from within!

The Great Shift of the Collective Consciousness is here!

The Great Awakening all-ready unfolding.

As our memories, gifts, abilities and wisdom return and activate from within our Crystalline DNA. As clarity, re-membering, inner knowing and our visions, become even stronger now than the faith that has carried us this far. As all remaining doubts, illusions, veils, false memories, projections, insecurities and feelings of lack, of low self-worth and self-love dissolve, just like the memories that caused and were part of them.

As we remember and never again forget our True Nature. As we learn to fully Love ourselves just as we are. Perfectly imperfect. A masterwork in progress. As we never stop growing into more of who we truly are, always learning and expanding. Forgiving ourselves and all others so all can be free!

Faith and believe, become certainty and full confidence that the Divine Plan is indeed playing out and we are each an important piece in the puzzle. As we remember more and more of our missions and all the bread crumbs, signs, synchronicities and confirmations that have paved our paths down the yellow brick road, now are starting to paint the full picture. Now all truly starts to make sense as the last veils, confusion and interference patterns lift, and the spells of forgetfulness now fully lift and dissolve. Our missions re-membered. Our Multidimensional Self assembled and re-claimed, ready to bring online the Organic Realities we carry as keys and codes within our Blueprints and DNA, now ready to fully activate. They are our birthright. They are the true reflection of who we are.

The Maji’s, Solar Dragon Kings and Queens. The Oracle’s, the Seer’s, Visionaries, Architect’s, The Wisdom Keepers, Timekeepers and Time-Benders, Ancient Ones, Guardians, Priest’s and Priestesses.. as we return to Paradise, as we re-member who we truly are, our Origins and True History, our True REALITIES ARE RE-BIRTHED, and so are we Collectively, AS ONE!

Prepare for the Energies and Frequencies to rise exponentially over the next few days as we get ready to ascend out of this artificial hologram!! Grounding is important! SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO POP IN THE FIELD, the energies keep on building!! Listen to what your body, mind and soul require to stay as balanced as possible and drop any human judgement. It’s quantum! So when you for example feel like you need to eat some meat and are usually a vegan, I’d recommend to heed the call. Of course, always listen to your guidance above all else, which is my point, don’t let the old programming override your own body’s innate intelligence, including other people’s opinions!

Keep clearing and strengthening your field as we are nearing the finish line! Be prepared for anything and keep expecting and co-creating the best with your every Super-Conscious word, thought, belief, feeling and action! A most MOMENTOUS time out of time, so be aware all-ways! It is crunch time truly, especially these next three days!

Now we fully transcend linear time to break out of the wheel of time. It is replaced by the wheel of fortune which brings a great Paradigm Shift to the Consciousness and therefore our Realities! A turning point and shift in fortunes! And it’s been a long kinda linear time coming!

We have had a MASSIVE halo wide, X-class solar flare on the 15th but on the farside of the sun, so not earth facing but the Cosmic Rays have been and continue to be delivered! The biggest recorded in this solar cycle. Solaris has been otherwise strangely quite since then yet many hours of data has also gone missing and I believe we had some solar eruptions on the 18th that didn’t show up and we also had radio emission reports and blackouts.

During the 18th – 19th we had a MAJOR Reality/ Timeline Reset, the Schumann Resonance went offline for ca 12 hrs, but it now shows up on the graph as a smaller, short blackout/ reset along with many other new interesting markers! I’ll include a picture in the comments below also to show what I mean. This is as I am receiving, all connected to the new Diamond Grid Activation triggering major resets and clearings and Activations within the grids which is causing major Timeline/ Reality shifts, resets and adjustments. As we continue to merge ALL TIMELINES/ REALITIES/ DIMENSIONS/ INCARNATIONAL SELF’S INTO ONE!

As the magnetosphere and poles continue to shift along with the energetic flows, it can also cause mental and emotional instability. Waves of bliss and joy followed by depression and sadness, where we still lack self worth, love and confidence. It’s all coming up to be loved and alchemised. We continue to die upon our old sense of self, ways of thinking, feeling and behaving as our new, True Self continues to arise from deep within the memory banks of our DNA. I am feeling more energy finally returning and being freed up as the interference continues to be fully removed and lifted, and everything continues to feel lighter and LIGHTer! Our life force is being freed up for a actual living, and not just shit shifting (clearing density), as well our our creative and sexual energy returning in a new way after all the healing! Again, everybody experiences this at different stages, so if you won’t feel this shifting just yet, just be patient with the process.

All remaining imbalances are being harmonized and integrated through the Tri-Wave and Plasma Wave Infusions, in the Zero Point Field of Neutrality, of Divine Love, outside of time and space. All conflicts are being resolved and brought to peace within the ONE Consciousness. The outer Realities will follow suit. Trust. Keep holding the vision. Keep holding the Frequency of Peace, Freedom Miracles and Unity! Trust the Plan and know that whatever needs to play out, to bring all to its completion is part of The Plan. All lower artificial Realities/ Timelines are quantum collapsing. Trust that Source is in charge now and that all is being revealed, even if the Truth is sometimes hard to process.

Allow all the deeply held emotions and trauma imprints from past and future, to flow through and out of you, for their final release. As we let go of the past, our pain, the suffering and memories, they release at cellular level through our tears, our breath, our sweat and other bodily fluids. Allow them to release with ease and grace. Embrace them in your unconditional love. A last good bye to all that once was. Don’t resist nor hold onto no-thing.

As all artificial Realities/ Timelines and frequencies dissolve in the Zero Point Field of Neutrality and Divine Love, in NO-TIME, now. At extra super quantum God speed 😎

And let’s keep re-membering, as we never forget again, that this is truly a quantum dream, that we are all hallucinating. A collective mass psychosis and projection of the One Consciousness, that we are all about to break out of and fully awaken from.

We just hit KP4 as I’m ready to post this.

Here we goooo!! 🥳

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin