Dearest Ones many of you have been asking about how to protect yourselves in these uncertain times that you are living on Earth today .You may have been used to protecting yourselves in many ways. Practically you wear heavy clothes, hats and gloves in times of extreme cold weather. When you are in the heat of the sun you have to protect yourselves by wearing sunglasses and covering yourself in suntan cream.

Spiritual people have long been using various methods of spiritual protection from negativity which abounded on Earth in the past .We ourselves have also given you a form of protection from our planet such as the Blue Light of Sirius as have the Angels and Ascended Masters in other various forms.

However we are here to tell you that the protection that you have used in the past may not be needed as much for you in the future. It is all a matter of intention now. As you traverse from the 3rd Dimension through the 4th and into 5th Dimension and above ,protection from negative entities will not be needed. As we have told you many times before, the darker element on Earth will be leaving this planet to continue their own spiritual journey in other realms and will bother you no more. This is taking place now.

As you all absorb and integrate the beams of Light from the Great Central Sun of Sirius YOU as Lightworkers now have so much Light inside of you that it will soon be an impossibility for you to even be affected by anything darker than you. Many of you have been affected in the past by negative entities but in Truth this was soul learning about the darker side of life. Your soul may well remember past lives where you may have been pilloried or killed for your beliefs and still feel quite fearful. Have no Fear Dear Ones all of this is behind you now.

We are here to tell you that all of this negativity is in the past now ,the future will not involve having to defend yourselves from any form of dark matter. The small percentage of darker beings who are left on the Earth now are in fact very fearful of YOU and YOUR power. It will no longer be necessary for you to hide behind the shadows for those who are left will not want to even be in your vicinity. YOUR LIGHT is so strong now that some of you may even be seeking out these darker beings to transform them into the LIGHT as a so called Vampire slayer, so to speak.

Some of you are now beginning to understand what you may have been doing all of your life by being in certain toxic relationships. However hard it may have been for you, you will have helped transform much of their soul’s darkness into LIGHT and we applaud you for this dedication to the LIGHT Dear Ones.

Protection now for you all will be very much like protecting yourself in bad weather .When the weather is inclement you may feel the need to stay at home and absorb the energies there. When the weather is bright and sunny you may feel like going out and absorbing the energies physically under the sun .It is the same with Spiritual protection ,when you are amongst angry and fearful people you may feel the need to use your spiritual protection but when you are amongst like minded people ,you will feel safe and secure. Your soul will just know.

The time will come when you realize that you are such a powerful being that you do not need any protection at all. It is all a matter of thought and intention.

The Light that is coming from Sirius is constantly surrounding and protecting you and clearing away any negativity from your aura. However If you do feel the need for protection we would like to give you a powerful image.

Imagine the Blue Light of Sirius completely surrounding your etheric body in an octahedron or a shining 3 Dimensional Blue Diamond. This is a very powerful shape and will infuse your Light body and make you feel very powerful whenever you think of it.

Imagine an octahedron as a pyramid with the centre of its 4 sided base going through your heart chakra and its point at your Stellar gateway chakra, 12 inches above your head. Imagine another 4 sided base pyramid connecting into your heart chakra with its point going downwards to your Earth star chakra, 12 inches below your feet and grounding itself into the Earth. This is your Shining Blue Diamond from Sirius

As always if you believe that you are protected, you will be. Know that everything that is happening and has happened in your past has always happened for the reason of your soul growth. YOU are a unique being and what is right for you, may not be right for any other soul on Earth today. If this message resonates with you, that is all well and good. We are here to help and guide you but your journey on Earth today is yours alone and your soul knows exactly what to do .

You have and always will be in the right place, at the right time to meet the right people, to experience and to learn and grow your soul to become that shining diamond on Earth today.

As the energies increase on Earth your soul will be manifesting all that it needs, to be able to live in the new 5th Dimensional Earth. YOU are a powerful Sovereign being and as such YOU will be the Way Showers for those who are coming behind you.

As we have said before as you clear away the last vestiges of negativity from your soul, you will not attract any negativity around you and you will begin to feel and look so powerful that others will want to follow your lead . All of your friends ,families and those with whom you come into contact will naturally be affected by you . There is nothing to say or do, YOU just have to BE, for in just being YOU, the world will change around you. YOU are the centre of your own Universe.

Have no Fear of anything that you may lack now, for all that your soul needs will be given to you. You will then be more than able to help those less fortunate than you to Transcend into the New World.

We are excited for you as you have reached this time and place and we see this glorious future coming into the present now. Trust and Believe that this New World is with you now and it will be Dear Ones.

As always call on us for guidance when needed .We are always with you walking by your side into the New World of LOVE ,PEACE and HARMONY on Earth today.

With much Love and many Blessings


**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius