Greetings, dear ones! We speak from this beautiful place, the sea, and we greet all with Love. It is a great pleasure for us to speak with you again today.

Just for a moment, we would like to draw your attention to this beautiful sparkling Light that occurs as each wave recedes and pulls back into the ocean.

So just notice for a moment all the sparkling Light that results once the wave returns.

You can see it on the sand—it looks like tiny little electrons. It’s the perfect analogy, the perfect metaphor for that.

Tiny sparkling bits of Light, sort of like subatomic particles. 

And this is what you are made of, and this is what your outer experience is made of. Because everything, as you know, begins on an energetic level, maintains an energetic frequency—whatever outer form it may take for a while—and then again returns to pure unmanifest energy.

And that is so with everything!

Even your emotions. Even your thoughts.

Can you transmute them to a higher level, so that things don’t have to entirely disappear on the physical level? Of course! Of course, you do that, so that they don’t have to go away before you remake aspects of your life.

For instance, this is what happens when you heal physically, whether you are healing your body, or your connection to a loved one, or your understanding of who you are and where you come from, your finances, your work life, your home—all of it!

So right now, if you want to look at those sparkling bits of Light, wherever you may see them in these images—

And image those sparkling, tiny pinpoints of Light resonate with every cell of your being and every particle of it. Every cell of the physical body, and every particle of mind and spirit and emotions.

It is so that you are taking in so much Light right now, that you are becoming a new person.

So now bring up some area of your life that you would love to renew, love to remake, love to heal or lift to a higher level—whatever it is, hold it in your hands for a moment. Just sort of cup your hands. And hold it up so that the Light pouring into the planet empowers every particle of this issue with this Divine higher Light. 

So, none of it remains unchanged!

None of it is as it was. It’s now happening on a higher level.

And what we are going to do for all of you right now, is to assist you energetically so that any impediments to that—any old agreements, any old soul contracts, any old feelings of loss or lack—is drawn into the Light where all of those old blockages are just dissolved.

So, you might want to just close your eyes, or as you stare at the waves, allow yourself to be in this beautiful alignment with this sparkling Light.

If you feel it, that’s wonderful—if you don’t, no worries! The Light is still reaching you. It’s been reaching you for a while now.

So, hold that image, that situation, that feeling you’re going through in your hands, and say, “Yes!” to the Light, while we work with you.

We’re dissolving barriers and blockages from this and other lives . . .

Working with your higher self and getting their permission to help you allow in more Light into the body and mind and emotions . . . Into the spirit, and therefore into every part of your life, including this one.

So, we have permission from your higher selves—wonderful. [To higher selves] Thank you, dear ones!

We’re just pouring that Light down . . . filling all the chakras, all the energy systems . . . It’s pouring out into your aura, then your radiance beyond that. It’s just filling everything up so perfectly. Filling up your home, your workspaces if you are working now . . . All your connections to loved ones, and even those you’re not very fond of— [those you] don’t quite understand, or don’t like very well—that’s all right!

Filling that up too, so you’re no longer attached to situations that have happened in the past, or that are occurring now, that you feel are a problem.

You’re just releasing all of that.

Releasing the feeling of lack, of imbalance. The unsureness and uncertainty of these days.

Just letting that go . . . 

So that you’re flowing with what your higher self already knows, dear ones.

And that is that you are a Divine Being living within a compendium of experience, and never defined by any one experience on any level.

Informed by them—assisted in reaching a higher level of Divine Wisdom and self-knowledge—but not fully shaped by any of them.

You’re just letting that go. You’re not identifying with experiences or roles anymore.

You’re letting yourself see, “You know, it’s all part of this giant hologram I’m in called Earth, and planetary existence.”

Look at these sparkling bits of Light! All of that is happening in every particle of your being.

Now be glad for it! Give Thanks!

Give Thanks that all of this Light is some aspect of your Divine Spirit—your power, your soul presence coming back into the body, where it hasn’t been for a while, because your vibration wasn’t high enough to withstand the power of that Light.

But now it is . . . very beautiful! Now look again at what you’ve been holding in your hands.

It’s chock full of higher Light. It’s been transmuted and transformed.

Give Thanks for that, and draw it into your heart, and keep giving Thanks!

And when you think of this issue, you’re not going to think, “Oh, that’s a bad situation! That’s in poor shape. I’m unhappy” about this or that.

“There’s just not enough,” or “There’s not enough on time.” You’re just going to say, “Look, I bless you, and I thank you!” “Consider yourself transmuted!” one could say! “Consider yourself Divinely renewed in all ways!”

Yes, this is you, Transformed.

And by the power of Nature, the power of this Universe, exemplified so beautifully by the power of the sea, you fully realize now—you fully comprehend: All things are in a state of constant renewal.

Nothing ever remains the same. All things are flowing forward.

Everything in your life is improving and getting better and better by the minute!

You could make this one of your new mantras: Every bit of my life keeps improving, every day! I give Thanks! All of it just keeps moving to a higher vibration, and more Joyful one! Beautiful, dear ones. We give Thanks for each of you.

Particularly as a community, you are so powerful. And so beautiful to behold!


**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan