It is the time now to speak the truth of your heart and soul, with unconditional love. It is the time to step past all fears of living your truth. It is the time, to be authentic and real.

No more shrinking. No more fear. No more pretending. No more masks needed. You are more than enough. You are worthy. You are loved.

I have found in the last few weeks, that the left side, the feminine side of the body is speaking up. I went deeply into this, as I always do, for your physical body and all your bodies will bring your attention to whatever it is in the emotional and mental bodies, which needs to be finally released now. Which needs attention, especially the underlying fears, which often are deeply unconscious, as well as the emotional baggage and mental overload, which includes false programming.

This is a huge clearing which going on, as the 5th to 7th dimensional state is making itself felt and the New Earth. It is deep healing of the Feminine within all of us, the voices which were never heard, the voices which were silenced, persecuted, imprisoned, often were so suppressed that the throat and Alta Major chakras, plus pineal and pituitary glands completely blocked off, as those who used their psychic abilities, and healing abilities and their gift of prophesy were often the most persecuted of all, as well as those who spoke the truth and lived it authentically. So often such deep trauma and pain happened, that one simply could not find words to voice what was going on within.

Yes, it is a time when you need to face your deepest shadow as well as embrace you highest light. You are both. We have all been saints and sinners in past lives and indeed in this one too. Yet every experience you ever had, has led to soul lessons in highest mastery.

This will escalate as the full opening of this massive portal occurs on the 22/02/2222 and indeed with the healing of the Feminine, comes the healing Power of Divine Love with Divine Loving Grace.

It brings a deep healing within the masculine as he now gets more and more into touch with his own heart and soul, and the feminine learns to deeply forgive the male for all which has happened in the past, and even now, and more than this, to find the deepest loving grace within, and unconditional love.

Together the masculine and feminine within, now enter the Bridal chamber of the heart and soul, as equals. Vulnerable. Cleaved open to the core. No hiding place anymore. For the soul is laid bare – and thus indeed stands there in its original innocence. Reborn into the New Lightbody form, and reborn into the new and balance, healthy, healed loving ONENESS, where they indeed start co-creating as new, as ONE and thus Unity and Harmony is within and manifests outwards.

This is a deep and profound healing. It is healing into the core of the soul. And indeed it is now the leaving behind of all which was ever before in the Old Earth and Old 3D, and the rebirth into the Age of Love and Miracles.

There can be no skimping of the inner work which now needs to be done. Release, release, release. The more you release, the lighter you become, and the more you ascend into the New Earth and New Golden Age. No baggage from the Old Earth is allowed there nor can exist there in any form or way, seen and unseen, visible and invisible, known or unknown.

It is a time when the great balancing acts are occurring.

A time to claim the freedom of your soul, in all expressions and forms and live your highest soul truth, with unconditional love.

**By Judith Kusel