I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day with great joy to look at you all upon the Earth. When you hold hands in this way, you focus your creative intent to come together to do something is absolutely amazing. Your energy and your light is starting to grow on planet Earth. There’s much coming with this process.

Planting Seeds of Light in the Collective Heart

Let us start by planting seeds of light in places of tension on Earth. You can plant seeds in the Ukraine, Russia and the US, or wherever your guidance draws you. You can plant seeds in the hearts of all mankind everywhere, without even talking about any subject in particular. To be clear, you are not using these seeds to influence people toward a single point of view. In the higher vibrations there is no black or white, for everything is in varying shades of grey. Instead, the seeds are to take those who see them to a higher level where you are all connected. At that higher level you can see each other’s spirits and there are very few differences.

Find Your Center and Connect

To start, let go of the need to balance everything. Let go and know these issues are not yours to decide, for the seeds you plant here bring light and awareness. Dare to take off your body suit and join us as spirits. You can reclaim it in a few moments, dear ones.

It’s possible to do this in more ways than you are aware. And although it does have an immediate effect, the real effect is actually felt over 72 hours. It may look like things get worse or go the wrong way. Do not judge the first reaction, dear ones. It is simply the first reaction. During this time, it will swing back and forth. Just pull this situation into your heart, into your awareness for just a moment. You don’t need to judge it as good or bad, right or wrong. Simply know that there is much tension and a great deal of energy going on here. Human lives will certainly be at stake on many levels and you can make a difference right now. So, bring that joy, that light in your heart, that hope that dream for humanity you have, and plant it in your future timeline right on your path. You’re walking in this direction, and three steps from now you will trip across it. Perfect. That creates the opportunities for you to carry that light even further well beyond the first 72 hours. When you put something in your own path in that way, it’s also seen by others, and it is a form of communication often used by spirit to get your attention.

If these seeds of light are seen by enough other people it will automatically shift the collective heart and vibration of humanity in general. Yes, it’s an amazing time to be on Earth and you have more of this ahead. So take a deep breath, dear ones, and just release it onto the planet. And then, the beings on planet Earth can all feel that love for just a few moments.

300-Year Time Travelers

This is why many of you came and some have actually transferred back here through time-space. Yes, some 300 years in the future is where you have come from with contracts to bring light to the game unfolding on Earth. Many will want to know what life is like 300 years in the future, yet that was not the intent of their journey. Rather, it was to plant seeds of light in critical places, making the transition to the next higher state easier and with less fear. Very few are aware of their mission or their time travel mentally, and yet they carry a special heart rhythm that plants these seeds of light of which we speak. They have already brought light to many critical situations, although most are not yet conscious of their gifts.

Some travelers have been here waiting to figure out why they are here and what they are supposed to be doing. Their effect is profound, even though they do not always feel it themselves.

Many have picked up the seeds of light they have planted just by being here and influencing the collective. So right now, what we’d like you to do is to take a deep breath and put the light of love into your heart. Then throw it out into the future on your own path and consciously plant seeds of light of love. These are the things that will remind you why you are here and what you have in effect set into motion, the higher state of vibration for all of humanity.

Well, dear ones, you made it 300 years back from the future. It was not an easy journey, yet here you are. Oh yes, very few of you recognize that or even know it deep within your heart. Although it resonates as truth, you don’t have all the proof. You like to have scientific evidence, but right now just know that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time. You have avoided World War III, four times in just the last eight years and that alone is profound. Well done, dear ones.

These are grand times on Earth. Your seat has been reserved, waiting for you to return from some 300 years in the future. You made it, dear ones, welcome Home. We greet you in this way and ask you to treat each other with respect. Looking in the eyes of God is not easy, but you do so every time you make eye contact. Nurture one another at every opportunity and hold those doors open for each other. Play well together. I am the Keeper of Time.


Greeting, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you this day with a beautiful vision of planet Earth. You see, you are moving into incredible energy. We know things are difficult there. You’re probably running across more challenges than you are signs of peace these days. And yet all of it is coming together because you are moving by leaps and bounds. In reality, you’re accomplishing much more than you understand. Even through the difficulties, you’re starting to learn more about your own truth and how things evolve for you. Not only individually, but as a collective. Well, this day we’re going to speak about one aspect in particular, that’s starting to happen to everyone on planet Earth. Interestingly enough, very few would even know it’s taking place. So, we want to bring it to your attention and share more about what’s happening. Many changes are taking place on the planet in different ways, over and over again. And yet the perfect people are in place to make sure that this light grounds, grows and evolves.

You are the lightworkers of planet Earth who have come to change everything. As the Keeper of Time said, some of you are on your second time around. You’ve traveled backward some 300 years or more just to be here during this very unique time. Well, there’s another aspect that is here to help you, your own spiritual family. Let us explain. When you are Home, you’re part of everything and there is nothing that you are separate from. You think of something and suddenly it appears in front of you, because it’s actually part of you, part of the connection of who you are. And when you think in that vibration, it’s almost as if you honor a space and it simply comes right to you. You understand that you’re not really separate from anything, for all of it is connected in a grand matrix of life. As your spiritual family emerges, you may be simply going about your day when suddenly you look out of the corner of your eye and spot somebody looking at you who seems really familiar.

Maybe you’ll hear them speak and it’s almost as if you know their voice. You know more about them than you probably understood. You attempt to remember where you know them from, but to no avail. Well, dear ones, it’s because you knew them from Home and not from this incarnation. And furthermore, there are those who you are especially close to at Home much like here on Earth. You have all these beautiful people that you can play with, and enjoy every day of your life. And yet you tend to stay in small groups. You surround yourself with people who make you feel good and bring that light, but small selective groups. When you are Home, those groups are rather large. There are no restrictions, nor energy expenditures, to try and make those connections because it’s all right there. That is starting to take place on Earth, but it’s going to take some time to ground. That is what you are so graciously doing. It’s going to take some time to anchor a new reality on your Earth. In the meantime, there’s one aspect that you’re going to see over and over again, so we’d like to make you aware of it.

The Big Table

We’d like to make you aware of it. Now you see, before you came in, you sat around the big table. You brought all your friends, all those beings that you know, sometimes even thousands of them. That’s why we call it a big table, it’s where you make these connections and contracts. You say, “Oh, I’m going to be on Earth and you’re going to be there too. Let’s do this together. We tried this last time, although we were together and we couldn’t get it done. Now, let’s try to take that next step. And let’s make a contract to come together and do one aspect. And you make all these beautiful contracts.

Surprisingly, the majority of people sitting around that table do not see you on Earth. Many of them are there just to plant the seeds of light; they are done by contract. These are very close spirits that you know well. They have agreed to cross your path for a short time, if the conditions are right, to plant seeds of light on your path. Many of them are there to remind you, and to support you, because you’re part of their inner family. We call that your Original Spiritual Family, because you knew them well before you came to Earth. These are all those people who said, “Go ahead, step into Earth, you’ll love it!” Then they laughed behind your back, because they knew what’s coming.

Well, now what’s taking place is very interesting. That energy of unity is coming back onto the planet, but the concern is that it won’t ground. The concern is that it will flow completely over the planet and make a difference, but it will not stay. So, what is happening is that all those beings around the table have decided that they’re going to get your attention in some way. Although this will last for quite some time, the opening wave when you will be connecting with people will happen over the next six months. What will it look like to you? Well, it’s difficult to describe right now because your emotions on Earth are limited with all the craziness that’s going on. You can’t really see a lot of people outside of your normal social circles at the moment. Even so, sometimes you’ll spot that one person and you won’t know their name. You won’t understand them, but you’ll see them smile and you’ll recognize their spirit. These connections may be a new friendship that you begin. Or it may even be a passing glance across a busy subway car, where even though you never meet you’re forever altered by the momentary connection. When you look up and suddenly see a smile piecing your heart, reaching for your spirit, allow it in. It may be one of these special contracts.

This is your Original Spiritual Family. They’re all coming to remind you of your greatness, of all the light and energy that you have behind you. You’ve set up most of it around that big table. But even if they’re not consciously connecting with you, they will show up in your world to plant seeds to remind you who you truly are and where you began your journey. It has an amazing grounding effect.

A Quick Trip Home

One day the Keeper was sitting at his desk and we took him on a quick journey. This was the first time we showed the Keeper Home. He found himself walking down a long street. Just like a Western one that you would see in older movies, a very old place with dusty streets and buildings made out of wood. He was walking down the street when he noticed a figure walking toward him from a distance. The closer he got to this being the more excited he got. As the figure started to come into view, he became aware that he did not know him. The Keeper’s brain could not find any record or memory of the being, but his heart was afire as suddenly a name came to his lips and he spoke: “Elrah.” In that moment all the memories came back in and the veil was lifted, and he remembered what you would call his closest friend. They had spent many lifetimes together, but in this incarnation Elrah was going to watch from Home. They were in a deep embrace, remembering how much a part of each other they really were. Then in that moment the Keeper was awake and back at his desk. He thought it was a wonderful dream.

In the days that followed, odd things would happen that would make him think of that experience and of Elrah. Someone would look his way or say something silly, and it would trigger a wonderful memory that was previously lost. Over many lifetimes together Elrah was always the energetic one, always laughing and reminding the Keeper this was all a game. Elrah planted seeds of light that day and he was certainly Original Spiritual Family. As it turned out, the Keeper eventually communicated directly with Elrah and now channels him directly. But that is a little unusual for that kind of contract.

Now, what of these people that suddenly appear? Does it mean you need to change your life and bring these people into your world, and be close to them from now on? No, that’s not the way it’s going to happen for most of you. Usually, the Original Spiritual Family members will come through sporadically. They may pass you on the street, you’ll turn and look. When you make eye contact, you’ll recognize the spirit. Maybe not the human, but you’ll recognize the spirit. You may try to figure out who they are or why you recognize them, but in an instant, they are gone again. You may not give it much thought until they appear in your dreams that night.

A spirit can also make momentary connections through other people and even animals, with permission of the host’s higher self. This never interferes with the host’s life in any way, and in this case it’s only a momentary glance, and we call that spirit-overlighting. Actually, it happens much more with animals than with other humans.

In that moment when you receive the glance or smile, you have received one of the greatest gifts because they planted that seed of light in you. A seed of remembrance, the part that you left when you entered the veil. And as you divided into 11 different dimensions of time-space, all of those memories were left behind. With the help of Original Spiritual Family, you can now see them start to return. You’re going to see them come into your world, even if for only a moment just to plant that seed. Then your job from that point will be to take those seeds, grow and nurture them.

A View of Heaven

Dear ones, humanity has a view of heaven and the spirit world that is slightly askew. Home, as we call it, is generally viewed as very peaceful with ambient music, harps and angels flying around. Boy, are you in for a surprise! Home is more diverse than humans can imagine. We can’t wait to greet you at Home, and see the shock you will have. Understand that when spirits are Home one would never wish or cause harm to another, because they are all a part of each other. They feel one another’s pain without a time lag. But that does not mean everyone is the same, and even around the big table you may have a loving protagonist or two. When you sat around the big table, some may have said, “Oh, go ahead to Earth. You’ll enjoy it, it’s wonderful!” And the whole time they were snickering behind your back, knowing perfectly well that you are in for. If these loving protagonists are a part of your family at Home, it may very well be these beings that you see planting these seeds into your timeline. If so, they usually have a big smile.

Even though you have no reference for them right now, they will show up over the next six months. You will have a steady stream of people coming back in to remind you of your own light. To help reflect your beauty and your magnificence in the world, all around you will start to see where it all goes and how it works. You are magicians on the game board. You are all creative beings, everything that you balance between your heart and your head will manifest. But many of the attributes you’re unfamiliar with as you step been to the higher vibrations. So take a breath, dear ones, and find your center for just a moment.

Your job is to receive those seeds of light. Oh, some of them you may disagree with that at first. Why? Because around the big table you didn’t always agree with everybody. That’s why you had the table to begin with, you wanted a wide variety of views and perceptions. And now you’re getting them again. You still have free choice, but they are only introducing light. They’re not trying to influence you, as much as awaken you to make your own decisions. Some of these people will cross your path, you’ve set that up. Even though some of these people you may see and connect with, you’ll recognize their spirit. You may ask them what their name is or where they’re from to try and connect. But you won’t have the connections on that level, for these are from Home and they are great indeed.

Many of these beings will be coming very quickly, passing through your field rather than staying there. If one comes into your field with those attributes, you can’t seem to take your eyes off them. And you can’t not listen to every word they’re saying, for it can change your life outside of the contracts that you’ve made. Many of them will come through very quickly, plant the seeds and be gone. They’ll leave you with only the beautiful memory of being able to recognize something beautiful at first sight, but not quite being able to identify what it is. Your spiritual family is taking care of you and nurturing you, in ways that you have no idea. When you return Home, there will be one who taps you on the shoulder. You may not recognize them at all and they’ll say, “Do you remember when you went through this, do you remember when this happened? I was there. I was on your shoulder trying to guide you, trying to give you the courage to take that next step.”

That is your spiritual family. There is now a reunion of the marvelous, spiritual family. And yes, many of them are people. You know, sometimes your best friends are part of your spiritual family. There are other conscious contracts that you’ve made here on the planet during these times. It doesn’t make any difference, these are times to grow in unity. Very simply, you do that by finding the likeness. When you see someone that you know inside, dare to tell them that. “I don’t know what it is, but I seem to know your spirit. And I just wanted to tell you that it’s good to see you.”

Sometimes you can make a huge difference in someone’s life as they walk forward. Especially if they’re walking tentatively in their own light as most people do, the light has an effect on everyone around them. So, take a breath. Dear ones, once again, find that center of energy that emanates from your heart and balances the energy between your heart and head. Let it light up the room, as if you are calling in your spiritual family, because that’s exactly what you’re doing. Give them permission to approach you in your daily life, to get your attention somehow, and to see them. So then when they walk by, you’ll notice. Take a breath and set that into motion right now.

Oh, did you hear that? There was just a cheer from all the people around your big table, they heard you. They now have mission to approach you and they will. Some of them will be bringing things that will change your life, if you so choose. You’re on the planet of free choice always, but it will be nice to have new choices and opportunities. Dear ones, you’ve moved more energy than you can possibly know. You’ve created a new world and now you’re stepping into it. You hold many more of the attributes of the new world than you understand.

And they will be there too, for those are the memories that they will share with you. It only takes a moment sometimes to feel as if you’re remembering nearly your entire lifetime, because you’ll have it connected to another being. You are grand beings, infinite nature, playing a game, and pretending to be finite, but we know who you truly are. And so do they, your spiritual family. Your Original Spiritual Family is searching for you. It’s time enjoy the ride and the journey. And with that, we leave you for another month to bring back the connection of light, knowing that you are lightworkers doing your work all over this planet. Now you have some help coming, enjoy the journey.

When you see these people smile at you the first thing to do is say “Thank you!” Express gratitude to the universe for allowing that alignment and connection. And for all the things that had to move aside for them to connect with you and look in your eyes for just that split second. It’s happening, watch for it, anchor it and say, “Thank you!”  It’s with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that we bring you these larger pictures. You can see your own path of least resistance you’ve laid out in front of you. These are magical times and you’re much closer than you think. Well done, dear ones. Well done. With the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together as you create a whole new game.

Espavo, dear ones, I am Observer… and I like to watch.

**Channel: Steve Rother