I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, in these moments during this great transformation that is occurring, the great transition that is moving more and more people throughout the planet to awaken. They are awakening.

More and more are finding themselves becoming distressed, becoming disillusioned by the life that they have always known. More and more are realizing that it is time to move out of that illusion. And many are realizing that it is an illusion now. They are seeing all of those things that they had come to believe were true, they are realizing now that they are not true any longer. They have been lied to. Just as many of you, all of you, have come to that understanding as well. You have been lied to most of your entire life. But you are now seeing through the veil.

The veil that is only there due to your programming. But once the programming has been lifted, once you have moved beyond it and let go of the attachments of that programming, the veil ceases to exist once and for all. The veil is only there if you believe it is. Darkness, fear is only there if you believe it is. Know that it is not there.

Know that there is no reason to fear whatsoever. When you fully come to that understanding, a whole new vista opens up to you. A vista that is beyond your wildest dreams, wildest imagination. We know you all have quite an imagination. Do you yet not fully see it is possible? Because many of you are still mired in the muck of the programming that you have had for many, many lifetimes, creating many patterns that hold you, and have held you.

It is now time to let go of those patterns, to let go of those programs, to let go of the karma. For the karma is only there if you perceive it to be there. Just as the program.

It is time to move out of all of this. For you are all getting ready now, getting ready to reach out to more and more people. For your time is coming. The times you have heard of where all of the disillusioned people throughout the planet. Begin to realize how much they have been lied to. And when that happens, and as it is happening, you, those of you, the Way-Showers, the Truth-Tellers, the Light-Bringers, you will be ready and in position to bring that light to them, to open up the doors beyond the illusion of separation. It is nearly time for more and more of you to be willing and ready to move into your mission more and more fully. You have been prepared. You have been acclimated to these energies, and are continuing to acclimate to the energies coming into the planet.

But know that so many across the planet have not been able to acclimate to the energies as you have. They are still struggling. Struggling through the dark, searching for the light. You, my friend, are that light.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. You need to continue to move out beyond your own comfort zone. Wherever you have the opportunity, reach out and touch someone with your light.

**Channel: James McConnell

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