On Friday morning, Ottawa Police Service began arresting “Freedom Convoy” protesters in the downtown district.

There are disturbing reports some officers wielded military-style weapons as they closed in on the three-week-long demonstration.

Twitter users report police officers (or maybe even special ops) outfitted in full combat gear with assault rifles equipped with silencers approached unarmed protesters.

One Twitter user reports “snipers are on the roof” of multiple buildings.

There are reports protesters are “holding the line” as police begin mass arrests.

Police were spotted in armored tactical trucks.

Even mounted police were called in.

Every American watching the events unfolding in Ottawa should be very afraid because Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has chosen to unleash what looks like the military on unarmed civilians who are only asking for their freedoms back after being taken away during COVID.

Keep in mind, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has condemned Trudeau for invoking the Emergencies Act.

Trudeau is now creating a political emergency.

* * *

Update (0943ET): AP News reports police have begun arresting protesters at the trucker demonstration in Ottawa’s downtown district.

CTV News Ottawa’s Graham Richardson says there’s a “beefed-up police presence.”

Images circulating on Twitter show police vans (commonly known as “paddy wagons”) have assembled as arrests are being reported.

The government doesn’t want the world to see what’s happening in downtown Ottawa.