Dear children of the Earth, we greet you. What is going to be the subject of our message today? Of course, we are still going to tell you about the evolution of humanity at the spiritual level.

In many messages we told you that the current situation was a real springboard to allow you to access what you all really are: divine beings, with divine powers.

But, will you say, “what are the divine powers that you have been telling us about for so long? »

We will tell you this; the Greatest Divine Power that is in every human is the POWER of LOVE.

That’s fine, you’ll say, “but what can we do with this power? »

We tell you that with the POWER of LOVE you can do anything : you can bring Peace and Serenity to the Earth, to your family, to your friends, to each kingdom of the Earth, be it vegetable , mineral, animal and of course human. Bringing Peace and Serenity by making Love vibrate within you is the greatest gift you can give to the Earth and to the Universe.

To vibrate the Love, the True Love in you and to spread it around you is what you are, all, come to live in this period of the life of the Earth. Earth was wasting away, humanity was sinking deep into dark energy. But an event, such as the one you have been living for two years, difficult to live with for some of you and less so for others, this event was and is the trigger for the Liberation of the LOVE Vibration in each of you.

But, will you say: “why do certain beings manhandle us as they currently do, they are not in Love! »

We are going to respond by telling you that even these beings have a parcel of Love within them, it cannot be otherwise. Only they don’t know it, all that is far, very far from their thought, from their heart, because they don’t have a heart of Love, they just have the desire for power and they live by the earthly human power that seems to fill them but it is totally a decoy.

Why is this a decoy for them? Because, quite simply, in a short time they are going to realize that all this earthly power which seemed to overwhelm them is going to collapse like a house of cards, as you say. There will be nothing left for them, they will be totally annihilated, not knowing what to do in this life. Whereas if they had understood and lived the presence of their Power of Love within them, they would still have this marvelous link with God, with the Universe of Love and Peace.

This is why for you to evolve in a peaceful and serene way in the midst of this current slump, it is very…. very important that you relate to your inner being, to your own Light which has been within you since your incarnation and has never left you.

You will thus realize that life is much more beautiful and more pleasant to live than you previously assumed when you were immersed in materialism which satisfies your desires for a short time but then leaves you with a lack of something and that something. it is the depth of the LOVE, the True, the True Love in you.

Love is life, Love is joy, happiness, laughter, appeasement, Great Peace and Great Serenity.

When we speak of Love, of True Love, we are not speaking, of course, of the small, tender, affective earthly love. He is only a pale representation of True Love.

We have often told you to meet your inner being, your soul, the Light of your being and you will see that by doing this as often as possible you will feel a Peace filling you. When you feel it, you can say to yourself: “That’s it! I receive waves of True Love!

But to grow in spirituality, in the understanding of the divine being that you are, it is important not to abandon this encounter by telling yourself “I don’t feel anything”. We tell you that YES you will feel True Love at your own pace, depending on how long you spend meeting in your heart.

The current Energies that the Universe sends towards the Earth to help it and to help you to live Freedom, Peace and Serenity are very powerful, we have already spoken about it in various messages. These energies will push you and are already pushing you to live the transformation of your life, that of the Earth and to become humans in MUTATION leaving the old to live and create the Renewal, the Renaissance towards the New Earth.

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth, our Love surrounds you at every moment to rejoice your hearts and your bodies. Make vibrate the Love which is in you, which comes from the Divine Spark which is in you and which you are. We can unite as quickly as possible.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by