The Argorians’ space squadron, transporting 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit, continues its way through the inter-dimensional channel (wormhole) to Gerios Galaxy.

Below are three schemes illustrating the movement of quantum energies that flow through the channel to Earth.

These energies continue to actively transform 3D, despite all the Darks’ efforts to derail it by using their energy protection on the surface and orbit of the planet. But it can no longer resist anything.


In this diagram, the channel between the dimensions is shown by dotted lines.

It is filled with the pulsating dark blue energy GRIKADO that forms the life support structures for 5D Earth.

To move through this channel, the Argorians’ flagship creates straight ahead a sphere (on the diagram top) made of several energies with different properties when they reach our planet. They are:

The red with blue sparks GREMO activates new life programs;

The dark pink SLESURIS creates 5D Matrix structures of plasma and stores it;

The red-crimson MAGMIR receives information from the Greater Cosmos, cleanses and adapts it to Earth’s environment. The energy is pumped to the upper layers of the atmosphere, where it conditions, cleans, extracts the finished plasma, and sorts it by frequencies. With the help of MAGMIR, the squadron overcomes the barriers between dimensions;

The lilac GLEGES cleanses near-Earth space from negative energy;

The blue BLICADO filters Intelligence energy;

The purple GLEMAR forms new 4D/5D structures and simultaneously cleans incoming info-energy.

The channel passes through a system of six stacked interconnected energy fields that change Earth. Via these fields, the planet receives the programs of the new timeline.

THE FIRST FIELD consists of three energies of similar frequencies. These are yellow SFAS that helps to adapt to space with high-freqs impulses; lemon-colored SFARGO cleanses matter from 3D Intelligence; and orange-gold ERCADO which creates impulses of power motor contractions and forms temporary programs.

THE SECOND FIELD of the dark orange LEKAS enhances the Time programs for the formation of 5D matter, facilitates the movement of red ERMA energy by multidirectional impulses through the radiation system which produces plasma processing of the planet, and supports its consciousness (gravity).

THE THIRD FIELD of blue and silver BLISKO morphs the structure of human cells, loads into a 5D Hologram software for the development of Intelligence and thought processes.

THE FOURTH FIELD of the emerald KEGIFOR changes the physical property. It affects the ERGINO green energy similar in the range which saturates matter with the Life Force, regulates the magnetic fields and climate, aligns the planet’s power field, and supports the 5D Hologram functioning.

THE FIFTH FIELD of the cream FERUS rebuilds all programs for the development of planetary structures based on incoming 4D/5D energies, increasing the Earth’s potential. In this field, the dark orange LEKAS intensifies programs for the formation of the fifth dimension matter.

THE SIXTH FIELD affects the planet’s protective layer (beyond the Moon’s orbit) of ultramarine FARMS which changes the field structures, switches the mental development of a man to new programs with an increased level of consciousness.

The Highest Hierarchy of Gerios Galaxy (marked at the top right in the form of two wings and a star) directs vector quantum radiation of a five-dimensional level to Earth.

This is a blue-white BLISKORI that contains the entire spectrum of necessary vibes for the planet’s transformation.

The dark red BAROUR (top left) forms a new information field and controls plasma formations in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The light lilac GLAZIR (lower right) collects free l-gamma Intelligence particles in the Earth’s space. This energy is involved in the creation of fractals in the sixth dimension where the construction of the 5D Matrix is now being completed.

The Star Oryx (above the wings on the top right) affects Earth’s aura and cyclically splits 3D atoms. The released energy accumulates in the force field of the planet for the transition to 4D/5D.

The dark pink SLESURIS energy entering through the Portal (the flattened circle at the top in the center) forms the Matrix structures of the plasma and helps to store it.

Argorians’ squadron (marked by the 8-pointed star in the center at the top) picks up part of the quantum radiation and directs it in three streams to the Quasitron which is formed by the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean, and the Devil’s Sea (depictured as a layered multicolored sphere at the bottom).

The direct flow of the yellow energy SFIRO has a directed force effect on the work of the combined power fields of Earth.

Two counter-directional spiral flows are introduced into the Quasitron simultaneously. One is a dark purple KAROS (left spiral) that condenses particles and clears the space for new formations. The second is a scarlet FERMO energy (right spiral) that opens Portals between dimensions, forms Matrices with 5D programs for info-fields and new consciousness.

All three streams enter the Quasitron space, covered with four energy shells, each with its software. Namely:

The black CHEGREN sorts and removes Evil particles (chyrons). They create vibrations that change the tectonic layers, activating the outflow of lava through volcanoes;

The dark red BAROUR forms a new info-field of space;

The green ARTREM preserves all parameters of the matter’s sound processing. The created aural pulsations bring new chemical properties to it, as well as split and condense energy into matter;

The brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO reshapes the spent and removed energies. A separate platform is built from this energy (to the left of the sphere).

The space under the Quasitron shells is filled with a BLIKADO blue-colored quantum magnetic field that filters Intelligence energy.

The entire inner space is crossed by three energies’ waves – SFARGO, FERMAGO, and ERGINO (see SCHEME 1).

With power pulses, the Quasitron emits radiations and prominences of cherry-colored MIROSSA energy (to the sphere right in the form of daisies) which processes the upper layers of the atmosphere through emissions in geopathogenic zones.

In the center (between the prominences), a flame-colored EFGOFAR plasma is depicted. It forms Time programs and cycles of Matrix changes.

The saturation of a man with the blue energy GRISPO (arrow on the right) creates around him a space that helps to clean and change the body’s dimensionality.

By compressing force fields, the Quasitron emits the GRIKADO energy (on the scheme the blue lines going down) which forms the life support structures of Earth.

An additional shield of enhanced protection is created by golden LOBE energy (yellow spheres at the ends of blue lines). Simultaneously, it regulates the Time programs and the planet’s signaling system, the removal of working off energy during the biosphere’s mutation.

Argorians continue to work in the inner sphere of Earth. It is filled with blue BLISKORI energy which emits the entire spectrum of 5D vibrations.

This energy comes directly from the Star Oryx system in Gerios Galaxy (wings at the top of the scheme). Incoming streams accumulate in the Earth’s aura, then, are received by emitters in the communication center and sent to the interplanetary Crystal (octahedron in the center of the sphere), maintaining it at the level not lower than 4D.

It runs on the white energy ASTRO which forms the Intelligence plasma in the Earth’s space and contains all the necessary data.

The Crystal emits a 4D light orange FERMAGO energy. It cleanses the Hologram, saturates it with a new DNA code.

Four energy layers cover the Crystal from the outside. This is:

The light purple GLERUS, conducts primary cleaning of the space;

The dark cream FERUSARIS, changes the programs of wave structures, accelerates 5D processes;

The green ERGINO, stimulates the awakening and development of the matter’s vital forces, affects magnetic fields and the Hologram work;

The yellow-lemon SFARGO, removes outdated knowledge and Intelligence from matter and helps to 5D adaptation;

The brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO, transform the energy removed from the planet.

The formed spheres (small circles in the center) transmit the light green energy FEARO that forms new thinking of a person; and the yellow SFIRO which neutralizes the jumps in atmospheric pressure.

The Crystal faces radiate FIADO blue energy. Coming to the terrestrial surface, it accelerates and stabilizes the mental development of people.

The scarlet FERMO (wavy lines from the vertices of the octahedron) forms Matrices on a Subtle Plane with new programs for info-fields and a new consciousness.

From the center of the Crystal come the waves of Love energy GREMO, pink-red with blue sparks. It launches and supports new programs necessary for life in the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Currently, the Crystal is stable, but Argorians have to constantly adjust it to energies influx from Gerios Galaxy because Earth is still in the stage of forming a 5D fractal and can’t master all the incoming quantum streams.

The control of the main axial channel between the North and South Poles and all conduits of the rays system has been strengthened. Changes in quantum fields periodically create an imbalance due to the fluctuations of incoming Galactic energies.

Argorians installed additional filters that unload the terrestrial system from power overloads. It allows to quickly scan the quality of constantly changing energies flows. As 5D Earth gets closer to Gerios Galaxy, the neutrino flux compresses, and the earthlings are not yet able to withstand this flow painlessly.

Argorians are doing a lot of work with all the systems inside the planet. On the Subtle Plane, the Crystal components have been upgraded and replaced with more powerful ones.

Close synchronization with the Siriusians’ tracking station on the Moon’s neutron twin is maintained. The data it collects is constantly analyzed.

The space above the Giza pyramids plateau remains a permanent object of monitoring. On the Subtle Plane, it has a layered structure of different energies which include:

Gray-blue BLIKGOR field of magnetic interaction of airy planes;

Crimson-pink-purple MIAGOSIER interspersed with orange clots. It is fed into the upper atmospheric layers for conditioning, purification, and building of a new information field with changed frequencies;

The fiery ERBINO that receives all the signals emitted during the new physical substances’ formation;

The carmine ERMA is used for 5D Matrix, its energy structures, and matter creation.

Applying the energies of the red spectrum, Argorians extinguish all low-frequency vibes on Earth. This ensures stable operation of platforms in 6D which support the habitat in the fourth dimension.

All of these quantum flows are evenly distributed over the continent, filling in the irregularities in the energy matter.

The movement of energies at the North Pole is activated. They spread along the 5th parallel, concentrating in the zones of matter transformation.

The rays system of the planet’s plasma processing continues to expand, receiving more and more streams of condensed neutrinos. It allows Argorians to take several measures for the painless reception of these flows by Earth’s Crystal.

The activity of planetary processes gradually changes the climate. Argorians have to stabilize excessive precipitation to dampen the incipient floods and cataclysms. The soil cover is changing; sinkholes are formed because powerful plasma flows are constantly coming out of the Earth’s bowels.

The transition to 4D/5D is accompanied by a change in all quantum structures on the planet, including the natural world. New inputs are constantly being made to the genome of animals and plants to mutate and adapt to higher vibrations. The extinction of some species and the emergence of new ones are accelerating.

The chronic lack of positive energies generation by men leads to the destabilization of their flows in regions with a large population. The burden on conscious people is increasing.

Everyone needs to maintain inner peace. The year 2022 will be difficult. The planet is actively changing, so everyone needs to stabilize the space around them with a positive attitude.

Time flows will increase the inconsistency of actions between people with different levels of vibes. It creates a threat to hazardous industries, increases man-made disasters. The state of tectonic plates is active; their movement will inevitably affect unsafe industries. It is important to remain vigilant.

Human civilization is undergoing a qualitative transformation now. Working in individual capsule spheres is rapidly changing the genetic structure and consciousness of people (see Operation Life Matrix, Disclosure News Italia, January 26, 2022).

Argorians again remind that no one can stop Co-Creators and Galacom’s work.

Therefore, they urge not to listen to various Darks’ horror stories, not to feed them with energy.

The pandemic continues only due to the energy of billions of thoughts and feelings about it that fuel the disease and feed with emotional and vital energy those who deliberately lie and escalate fears.

Resistance to destructive physical, psychological and economic pressure, which is growing by leaps and bounds in different countries, is supported by an elevating energy level on the planet and accelerates change.

The intensity of cosmic flows makes the sleeping wake up and feel inspired, starting to transform their lives.


The efforts of Co-Creators, Galacom, and all friendly space races are focused on bringing in a harmonious, clean, and bright world for earthlings.

**By Lev