A Canadian Freedom Convoy spokesman is warning about a potential false flag involving possibly stolen firearms that could try to discredit the Freedom Truckers’ peaceful occupation of the capital city of Ottawa.

“Today, on February 14, we received information from multiple believed reliable sources that firearms may be planted in Ottawa specifically around the Freedom Convoy to discredit the protest and to use as a pretext to forcibly remove peaceful protesters,” stated Freedom Convoy spokesman Daniel Bulford, a sniper who served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“Due to the nature of this information, we felt it prudent to notify the public in the interest of their safety. This private intelligence correlates with the approximately 2,000 firearms stolen at Peterborough, Ontario on Sunday morning, February 13,” Daniel Bulford stated.

Bulford continued: “Our sources have notified us that these weapons may be planted by nefarious elements and at this point we have no further knowledge about who is behind this act of sabotage. As soon as we received this information, we notified the appropriate authorities with whom we are collaborating, including the Ottawa Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Parliamentary Protective Service. We implore any of our demonstrators if any activity is suspicious please call 911 immediately. Many of us have left our homes to come here to demonstrate peacefully. We are all pleading with the police. Do not act indiscriminately. We are calling on all scrupulous journalists, please turn your investigative talents to this matter. We expressly affirm the principle that change can only occur within the democratic process. We have never nor do we ever intend to step outside of this democratic process. Public and police safety remains our paramount concern.”

**By Patrick Howley