Hello there again and with the extreme edge of Mercury Retrograde and Venus Retrograde ended, even though a powerful Full Moon is approaching and building in energy leading up to it, we have somewhat of a release and a potential frequency of a new start.

On Wednesday February 16th, 2022 we have a Full Moon in Leo. This is a tense Full Moon with a tense aspect (quincunx)to Pluto. This may be for many the testing ground to being present or not.

Now when I say testing, things that challenge you are not really tests. It is more like what you think you mastered, situations reveal to you whether you have or not. If you haven’t it may feel like a crisis to you. As if you don’t have the skills you thought you had to cope.

NOW it is imperative you understand that you always do. And it has nothing to do with what you THINK.

It is through the HEART and the Heart alone, that you bypass the thinking mind and access the Harmony and peace that is always present. YOU just have to tap in to this already eternal presence.

SO, if you THINK you are going through a crisis (to the mind if it thinks so) even if feelings are following (they always follow thought) STOP everything, pause Breathe, if possible listen to ONLY NOW Activation. It will bring you back to the frequency of only now. And In that frequency is ALL THAT YOU NEED to enter your heart, to feel and know PEACE beyond anything that takes place externally.

Back to the Full Moon, Sun Opposite Moon, always activates more of the subconscious mind, and inner issues related to discrepancies around the personal relationships, the home and the emotions. So be aware, of old patterns surfacing; maybe ones you thought you have mastered, and enter the realm of now. NOT only for peace and harmony, but to help shatter those old frequency reactions, fight or flight, within.

With The Full Moon quincunx Pluto, anything hidden in the subconscious may be fair game to reach escalating levels. The straw that broke the camels back, type of situation, for some may become a reality. NOW that does not mean at that point it is bad. It is there for a reason, to see, to love, to know to understand more of you.

Now there is the one eternal YOU that knows not those things that are not of harmony and love and through your heart and being present you enter the miraculous way of being that is nothing short of pure magic.

Venus conjunct Mars stays with us till March 12th. With the Full Moon and the aspect to Pluto, this may be the power of attraction and love entering either into a mixed triangle of emotions with the Full Moon energy or experiencing through the pureness of your Love, a renewed passion for life. For love, for loving yourself. With a greater depth, unknown to those that have not entered the depths of Pluto.

As we are always present with you; we The Divine Council of Overseers, we activate you NOW through all that is in your BLUEPRINT to be activated, loved and expanded, in the purity of the Eternal Love of The Divine, we BLESS YOU NOW.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian