Jennifer: Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t suppose you celebrate Valentine’s Day?!

Ashian: You are both right and wrong!

J: That takes some genius on my part!

A: Underlying any celebration of love is an honouring of the divine connection between two people, because love is your divine essence.  It is what is ‘essential’ to you for your very creation, and it is so important to the quality of your lives that you seek love at every stage of life, whether a child or elderly.

Love is an expression of divine expansion; what you would experience as tenderness, compassion, excitement, passion… the entire gamut of love expressions.  We honour this in everyone we meet throughout our day. As we meet each person, we honour the vibration of love that we share with them in our first salutation with them. It is an energy that is felt, honoured and exchanged between us.

The love that you celebrate on this day has really only the lightest flavour of this honouring of sacred love ~ whether for friends, parents, spouse, children, neighbours, and so on. Much on your planet is done for show, and not because it truly flows from the heart of you.

J: Yes, I do see that. I love the idea ~ as I experienced it while you were expressing the idea of meeting someone ~ where both people take a moment to be conscious of the expression of love between them, in whatever form that may take. It’s as though they create and seal a sacred space together. We are only just learning how to honour others, and create meaningful, sacred space together.

But we digress! I had a question!

A: You have understood correctly, dear heart, and nonetheless, we greet all of you with the most expansive, unconditional love you may experience, for we are you, in a different form, so you are sacred to us.

J: Hang on! Forget my question.  “you are us”…we had better address this. What do you mean by that exactly?

A: It is multi-layered. We are all a part of the Divine Oneness, so on the greatest level, we are one. But many of the Galactics overseeing your Ascension have come from what you may consider both your past and your future timelines, to assist. And then there is the actual bilocation of many of us, who have incarnated as humans on your Earth plane. It is like in your film Avatar, your Galactic self is in stasis while you project yourself into this human life.

Dear Jennifer, the ways of being human on your planet at this time are many, varied and complex. It is not as simple as you have been told to believe, and there is really not much more we can say on the subject at this point in time. More will become available ~ sooner rather than later.

J: OK. I know that will really disappoint a lot of people. But one question: How would we know if we were a bi-locating Galactic?

A: In its simplest terms, you would feel it. You would be drawn to all things ‘extra-terrestrial.’  You would also have a knowingness and deep affinity with sky, with space, with Galactics, that you cannot explain. You would dream of flying, of freedom, of expansion into a body that is not as dense and solidly packed as this carbon-crystalline form you currently inhabit.

J: So what you’re saying is that the clues are hidden in plain sight?

A: That is one of the secrets of the universe: there are no secrets! It’s all out there, obvious, waiting for you to claim it.

J: Hmmm! There’s food for thought! I’m not really sure, but I think my initial ~ now seemingly mundane ~ question may actually follow on rather well from this: Kinda!

I am currently practicing looking for the magic and miracles in my day, because I believe that the more we do that, the more we free ourselves from logical, sequential thought and action, and open ourselves to quantum experiences, divine interventions and, well… the sort of asynchronous events we define as miracles.

A: Yes, it is freeing your consciousness to look beyond the programming that was forced upon you for millennia, and reclaiming your Creator Self, your Divinely given Creator ability.

J: So yesterday, a friend changed their mind about something they would do, and it had a very strong emotional impact on me. I couldn’t believe how quickly it diminished my energy, and I immediately labelled it ‘bad’; strictly not in my ‘miracle’ category.

But as the day went on, even though I still felt quite low, I came to see that it was necessary. I had to see how this event would affect me, because it gave me an entirely new perspective on my life. I began to see that it was actually a huge miracle, a blessing. I wanted to know what you would say to the events that we label ‘bad’ in life.

A: Excellent!

J: I can actually see you clapping in delight! Why do I feel like the last person in the class to catch up?

A: Not at all. It’s wonderful, truly. Because when you are able to transcend ‘good event’ and ‘bad event’ thinking, you transcend binary programming logic. Nothing is either/or. It is All/Everything…altogether.

You have been programmed through your media, and many other nefarious means, to stick to a very narrow lane of ‘good’, pleasant, easy. It was to make you docile, programmable, acquiescent.

Every single time you let go of the idea of what is good or bad, you step out of the matrix, the 3D realm, and step into the 5D realm, where you are creators not recipients, active not passive.

So yes, look at all the things that you have labelled ‘bad’ in your lives, and you will find that they were the catalysts for your growth, for bringing you to be the person you are today, right now.

It won’t always be necessary to grow through challenging events, but in these times of great flux, pain is the most direct way of waking people up to the need to create real, substantial change.  Change is only created when you own your power: your Divine Creative Power.

As each person awakens to their Divine Creative Power, their ability to create magic and miracles in their lives grows, and their need to grow through pain, suffering and challenges dissolves. You step into the vibrational field of your Galactic self.

So, expand into your Divine Self and claim your Divine Creative Power. It’s hidden within you ~ in plain sight ~ you just need to claim it.  A brilliant first step is moving beyond ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and understanding that your entire life is made up of magic and miracles that you are creating, except that now you are aware, so you are owning your Divine Creative Power.

You are rocking Divine Creative Power!

J: I love that! Thanks so much Ashian!

And Happy Valentine’s Day

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert