Tuning in to the Vastness of Being for a message.

Small moments of deep insight are all around you – are there for you all, as you nurture yourselves and remain as witnesses to what is happening around you. You have your feelings, your viewpoints about the polarizing stories that are happening in the world, but try not to allow your viewpoint to become your identity.

Expand your attention further beyond the story and experience the vastness of your Soul. Contemplate the vastness within you and allow it to expand your awareness. Allow it to help you let go of mind chatter opinions so that you can renew your spirit in your own being-ness. Then you will reach deeper capacities for joy and delight.

Many people are worried about finances, health and living situations.

There is indeed great strife, but one can still reach the vastness within. You are not poverty, you are not “a loser” you are not what you are identifying with. What do you tell yourself over and over again? What is the litany you are listening to? What is the hypnotic voice that whispers to you of despair? Do you know there is another voice? Can you find it? Another voice that whispers of your courage and your love.

When you feel into the vastness of your being, you tap into your Soul’s wisdom. Many who read these words are interdimensional travellers. Many people long to see Extraterrestrial travellers come to planet Earth without realizing that they, themselves, are travellers from the stars, bringing wisdom and wonder to Humanity. This is a time of remembering as Souls awaken to deeper knowing. Pay attention to what sparks your interest, pay attention to inspiration and what feels expansive to you.

Begin to open your awareness to look in another direction, away from the fearful scenarios. Perhaps there is a beam of light for you to see by, for you to follow… a feeling of possibility beaconing to you. Will you pull the heavy blanket of despair around you, or will you drop it and step forward? Know that your outer world will soon reflect the lighter possibility as you begin to listen to a different voice that whispers of a brighter experience, in the realm of possibilities for you as an individual and part of the collective. You can find this new path, you are not alone, there are many helpers along the way, in the physical and in spirit. It is you who decides, even if you feel powerless and hopeless. Shrink your awareness into the moment of now so that it may expand. We know that sounds odd, but when you stop thinking endlessly of all that is not right in your world, you open a space for simplicity and for an energetic of universal love to filter in like beams of light through clouds.

Be mindful of what you focus on and see if you can make love and creative expression your highest honor to create and bring into the world. Doing this changes the world one heart at a time.

Thank you for this message.

Even in moments of dire hardship we can make a space for stillness to be within us, and that stillness will allow the light of love to comfort us.

Shine on,

Leilah and The Vastness of Being

**Channel: Nancy Wallace Ward