Our imagination and our emotions are the most powerful assets of our conscious Being. We’re accustomed to using them reactively and carelessly, not knowing their true purpose and capability. Our Being is constantly created in love and expectation of greater experience in all dimensions of living. In our essential Self, we arise from the consciousness that creates everything. We are the offspring of the Creator, with full participation in universal consciousness, whenever we desire and allow it in our current personhood. Our imagination and emotions have given us the quality of every experience we’ve had. Many of our subconscious fixations are designed to keep us focused within the empirical human perspective of reality.

If we can loosen our grasp on all of the energy patterns that are diminishing of our life, we can expand into greater awareness with more compassion and gratitude for deeper understanding. We are the creative essence in our personhood. Our purpose is to use the freedom of our choice of focused attention for creating experiences that we are interested in. By how we live, we are expanding experience for universal consciousness. The experiences that we have as humans in our current dimension are powerful in their energetic qualities.

We’ve participated in a realm without much wisdom or true love. At any time we can decide to try something better. This is when our true abilities can come into our awareness. We can decide to be positive always, regardless of outer circumstances. This is the vibratory level of joy and gratitude. In this perspective we can receive every encounter and understand what it’s about. Then we can bring it into alignment with our vibratory state of being or withdraw our focus and let it disappear into another dimension, as we focus upon the energetic pattern that we want to align with.

We live in many dimensions beyond space and time in the consciousness of the Creator. The most wonderful energy in our human presence is symbolized by our heart, which lives to enliven us and guide our vibratory level in positive polarity. It is the closest comparison to the unconditional love that streams to us in our conscious life force and is beyond limited conscious awareness. Once we unlimit ourselves, we can realize it in our unity with all beings everywhere. We share the same conscious life force and are all conceived and connected in love and joy. These are the emotions of our eternal, unlimited Self-Awareness. In this vibratory level, we can be powerful, consciously intent creators in every moment.

**By Kenneth Schmitt