As we enter into Monday, February 14th, 2022—a day when many people around the planet especially celebrate LOVE (“Valentine’s Day”)—our planetary magnetosphere is filled with energetic photonic particle waves from strong solar winds, flares, a barrage of CMEs, the Photon Belt, and a “storm” level KP Index which registers activations to Earth/Gaia’s inner core and outer field.

“Self-care” is the focus for these high frequencies so that the physical vessel, emotions, and mental cognition can adjust to the LIGHT (the photons) that is constantly streaming into our planet.

Amidst family, career, and community obligations which are still necessary, “self-care” is vital as the third dimension is still active while we are steadily elevating higher out of chaos and confusion from the past as well as the present—into dimensions of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS where the key energies are LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH, BEAUTY, and ABUNDANCE—where connections to SOURCE LIGHT FREQUENCY are “normal” and “natural” and not something to struggle to obtain.

However, our collective prayers and meditations are working as evidenced by the many people around the globe who are awakening to the truths that will thrust us forward into a new “Yuga” (“Age”).

The next “Yuga” is “Dwarpa” where one-half of the total human population (instead of the current one-fourth) are attuned and aligned with SOURCE LIGHT FREQUENCY and are having more ease in planetary experiences as cleansings and clearings of old programming continue as DNA and cellular records are newly created.

The length of the “Yugas” relative to ancient Vedic scriptures is very long; however, in this newly-forming space/time continuum, collective consciousness can speed-up the timing or slow it down.

In terms of the manner in which mankind calculates time, each “Yuga” varies in length, but each one is hundreds of thousands of years long.

The current “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) began in approximately 4300 B.C.E. and reached a height in 3100 B.C.E. and, unfortunately, is still raging, although we are at its final stages when conditions are at their most challenging.

Such information can be depressing, but it must be accepted.

Even for those who do not understand the concept of “Yugas”, if history is studied, a general idea of how they play-out is realized.

Civilizations rise and then they fall.

The fall is due to misuse of people, of resources, of all of Nature.

This leads to war, greed, economic problems, famine, disease, and more disharmony.

Then cosmic cleansings and clearings—so often discussed—occur in order to bring the concept of “MAAT” back to the planet.

This ancient term translates as several conditions: TRUTH, JUSTICE, BALANCE, HARMONY, RIGHTEOUSNESS.

It is depicted as a female with outstretched winged arms, and she is down on one knee. This is considered one of the “NETERU”—“Divine Forces of Nature”—an aspect of SOURCE.

We are often given glimpses of the era of “Sattva Yuga”, when, for example, we experience warm sunny days of summer, birds chirping in song, animals playfully scampering about, trees and bushes and flowers abounding with color, veggies and fruits and nuts and berries growing, people being kind, feeling healthy in all ways, pleasant news being reported instead of mayhem, needs and desires being easily met, etc.

These glimpses are to illustrate what has been experienced in prior eras and what can be experienced again.

There have been many “Yugas” over billions of years because time is a spiral.

There are ups and downs within each one—except for “Sattva Yuga” when everything is always wonderful.

Our planet is in a period of “intensified study” whereby we are being allowed to learn, to develop, to elevate in consciousness while, as discussed above, cleansings and clearings are still happening, and the “Light Activation Symptoms (LAS)” are a part of it all.

The surging photonic “Energy Fluxes” are the “midwives” of our “re-birth”.

The “Energy Fluxes” are not going to cease anytime soon, although there will be times when they are not so strong, and thus, their velocity, density, and pressure on our planet’s magnetosphere will not be so daunting.

The solar flares, winds, and CMEs will still soar, but not all of them will be directed at Earth/Gaia.

However, they will still be activated within “Her” due to the Sun of our galaxy being so enormously huge relative to “Her” size.

Consequently, humanity will also be continually activated, but on some days, the activations will not seem so intense.

The “New Normal”—the “New Now”—consists of constant elevations into higher vibratory LIGHT.

So, as Captains on ships often say: “Steady as she goes!” Send out LOVE and LIGHT, and nurture yourself with it too.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali