I am your Saint Germain. And I applaud you, each and every one of you, for speaking about transformation.

For this entire experience that you are going through is all about that, all about transformation. Transforming your very lives. Transforming the illusion that, as I said, is no longer there.

Transforming it into the new vision, the new vision of the New Age of Gaia, the New Golden Age. You are all creating that now. And the more that you do experiences such as we just did, and hold that experience, hold that expression, that feeling, that life force within you, the I Am Presence that is within each and every one of you, and all life here, all consciousness here on the planet. The more that you hold that, and remember that, and be that, you are moving step by step toward this New Earth, toward creating this New Earth, creating this higher vibration and frequency. It is the new fifth-dimensional Earth.

Is it easy? No. It was not meant to be easy. It was just meant to be simple. But does it have to be hard? No. It does not. It does not have to be a difficult journey. It is only the programming within you that is making it difficult. Let go of the programming, let go of the attachments, and the journey becomes much, much easier. Much more fluid. Much more flowing. It is up to you, each and every one of you as individuals, and also as the collective you.

You are seeing the transformation happen within your Freedom Convoys that are developing everywhere, are in motion everywhere. Because it is this motion that is catapulting the freedom, the freedom train, if you will, to spread across the country. Freedom of the Republic. A Republic that is by the people, and for the people–not against the people.

Together you are all forging this New Republic. Bringing it together. Bringing those that are in the leading forefront that can step out and say. “no more; can step out and say, “follow me.” Just as many of you are stepping out of your comfort zones and beginning to say “follow me” to those around you.

Do they follow? Maybe not. But you are opening the door for many of them to do so. Many of them to open up from their sleeping, their sleepfullness, into the awakening. Many across the planet, more and more and more, are awakening. Even though you may not fully see it, for those of the powers of darkness are still yet strong to hold that illusion in front of all of those that are still sleeping, attempting to keep them in that sleep state. But the forces of Light are forging ahead and bringing the wakefulness, The Great Awakening, the Grand Awakening to all of those who have been becoming ready for it.

It is only a matter of time and, more than that, a matter of vibration. And as you know, vibration is increasing everywhere. We see it in the light quotient that is spreading across the planet as more and more people are saying, “I love you.” More and more people are saying, “I forgive you.”

It is unstoppable now. The Light has already won. It is only the darkness that is receding now in every pocket across the planet. They are still attempting to hold on. They are finding it more and more difficult to do so. As the vibrations increase, lower vibrational energy cannot exist in the higher vibrational frequency. They are finding this more and more difficult, which is why they are reaching out, yelling out in many respects, doing many things that at one time were hidden, but now has come out of the shadows and are now being revealed that the darkness that they are.

Be patient, my brothers and sisters. A little while longer yet. But continue to notice how this transformation is happening, and will continue to happen, bringing about this great transition that is now preceding the Great Ascension of Man.

All of my love and peace be with each and every one of you. May you continue on, holding onto these higher vibrations, wearing your fifth-dimensional glasses and utilizing them, knowing that they are giving you light where before there was none.

**Channel: James McConnell