Sometimes we all stay in relationships longer than we should. We hold on to someone who hurts us because we think we love him and he needs us, but sometimes one-sided love is not enough.

We have to let it go, even if it’s hard for us. Unless a relationship makes us better and doesn’t make us happy, we shouldn’t stay in it. We have to be strong enough to find happiness within ourselves, and that sometimes includes being alone. This can also apply to everyday life and friendships. When it stops working, there is no point in sticking to a dead relationship. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to guess whether things can improve or not, but sometimes it’s a fact we just have to face.

Whether you are afraid or not, detaching yourself from your past is very liberating. If you experience the following things in life, it’s time for a change. It’s time to leave what doesn’t work and move on. There is nothing forever, and when the time comes for change, we should do so.


Your relationship (or friendship) is no longer what it used to be.

The relationships in your life just go downhill. There is something wrong and you may not be able to determine exactly what it is. You feel like it’s worse than ever.

It changes who you are.

You grow up, as a person, into someone else. Even if it’s good, it also changes the relationships with the people around you. Sometimes we just outgrow the people around us. There is nothing wrong with becoming a better version of yourself, but there are life changes involved.

You feel physical fatigue.

Things really bother you. Your emotional settings and where you are in life take a physical toll on you. You are tired of mind and soul .

You can’t laugh anymore.

You are no longer able to have fun. Things in your life pull you down in such a way that even your sense of humor has left you.

You stop being passionate.

Your passion is gone and nothing brings you joy anymore. Everything seems bad to you and you want things to change.

You don’t feel like you’re in the right place.

You know in your heart that you are not where you really belong. You long for something more.

You chronically complain about everything.

You can’t help but complain about everything. This is very frustrating for your surroundings. You have to break it and learn to change things you don’t like, instead of just reconciling with them.

You walk on tiptoe.

You are afraid that you will disappoint other people. You try so hard to fit in and make the most of the time you have, but you go wrong. You do everything you can to avoid tormenting friends and family while you miss what you really want to do.

Your confidence is declining.

You are constantly crashing internally and letting yourself crash from other people as well. You lose faith in yourself and feel the need to find out who you really are. Life brings you to your knees and you need a solution.

People are constantly pushing you to be someone you are not.

Other people have some idea of ​​who they want you to be and are constantly trying to maneuver you into it. However, the only “problem” is that you are not the one who is constantly trying to make you. If you stay true to yourself and don’t let anything get in the way, these people will eventually have to overcome it within themselves.

Your situation is stagnating.

No matter what happens, you still feel stuck. Nothing changes the way you want it, and it pulls you down. You have to do something about it.

When you get to the stage where these things happen to you, you have to sit down and really clarify what you want to do in life and where you want to go. You need to clarify who should continue to be a part of your life and who should not. Not everyone should be in our lives forever. Breaking certain ties is sometimes necessary.

**By Alue Loskotova