JJK: I am completely in God’s hands! I live according to this motto. But I often ask myself, what part do I have to play? Where do I have to take responsibility myself?

For example, if I know that a flood could wash away my house, then am I responsible for building dams or taking precautions to prevent it? Or is it enough here to simply say, “God will take care of it?”

My motto is, “Help yourself and God will help you!” Only many people, especially in the esoteric scene, have no understanding for this at all. They rejoice on cloud 7 and don’t care about anything else. So what is the right approach to a life of trust in God?

SANANDA: Your description is accurate. On the earthly level, it is necessary to consider the earthly conditions. It is right to do everything humanly possible, so danger is to be averted from one, only after that you can confidently leave everything to God.

JJK: I still remember the story from the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogananda tells of his enlightened master, Sri Yukteswar Giri, who rarely left his house. When asked why this was so, the master replied that he had people in his family who would like to take possession of the house, and if he were gone too long, these people might take possession of his house.

That is, here a master operates completely according to the earthly events. It would be easy for him, who could bring the dead back to life, to bring these people to their senses. However, such interventions, especially when it concerns oneself, are not allowed.

SANANDA: That’s right. Please take off the blinders, thinking that you don’t have to care about anything earthly. That is a mistake. Look sharply and without fear at the current developments and put your life in relation to what is happening now!

Compulsory vaccination in Austria?
There are always solutions, but you must strive for the solutions and swim courageously against the current. On all levels you have to stay awake and be vigilant. Let God guide you even in earthly matters. God does not live only on the hundredth floor, but meets you especially on the ground floor- and God can change the circumstances in your life favorably, turn them into the light and undo everything that harms you.

Everything is possible for God. Nothing can happen to you if you trust in God, but for this your cooperation is required to face life vigilantly. Ignoring facts is the wrong way here, because in this way no inner growth can be generated.

JJK: Now there is a discussion in Austria about compulsory vaccination. Will that come?

SANANDA: Everything points to it. But stay in confidence and have courage, the house of cards will collapse.

Observe the developments carefully and decide for yourselves how to deal with them. Help will always be given to you, you have to make the decisions yourself. That is what matters: Acting on your own responsibility and always trusting in God’s help and building on HIS grace – that is the way.

With this message I say goodbye for now.

God surrounds you from all sides, you are completely in HIS hand. Live your life!

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com