Every week I do a combined meditation/channel/astrology reading with Narendra Mishra, a Vedic priest/astrologer who experienced enlightenment in 2000, to get a feel for the developing energies of these Now Moments.

Every week we find overlap between the channel and the astrology reading, but this week the overlap was so perfect, so inspiring that we decided to made a YouTube video and share it.

For the past two months, the Ascension energy has been building, gradually expanding our energetic bodies to hold the increased energies. We are now at the point where that energy is about to ‘pop’, bringing forth the Quantum Heart Opening, the Ascension moment, where we expand into the Divine ~ however we conceive of the Creator Energy ~ and know the perfection of us, the truth of us, the divine miracle that each and every one of us is.

I hope you enjoy the video. We’re going to do a follow-up video discussing what to expect in a heart opening, building on Narendra’s experience of awakening which, having chatted to him about it already, I found completely fascinating.

Much love,

**By Jennifer Crokaert