Our real ultimate limits are our imagination and our feelings. How far out are we interested and willing to go? How much beauty, enlightenment and ecstasy can we go for? There are no limits beyond ourselves, unless we design something like our current human experience and limit ourselves in order to play in this dimension. If we can imagine being free and in love with all that surrounds us and fulfills us within, we can create that state of being for ourselves. This is exercising our mastery of the dimension we focus upon.

Unless we have some energetic knots that need to be resolved, we do not experience challenging situations. If we can face our limiting beliefs with conscious, objective penetration, we can know what is true. Our Innate Being knows this. With gratitude we can open ourselves to our limiting energy patterns by recognizing their vibrations. We can naturally feel and imagine what they are, when we search for them within our awareness. When we realize that our limitations serve only to keep us from Self-Realization, we can resolve them, and we gain our freedom.

As we grow in loving, our level of joy rises and we are in ecstasy as a natural state of Being. This is how we raise our vibrations into a higher dimension of living. We can just stay as much as possible in ecstasy, and our lives magically elevate into positive, loving experiences. We can begin to encounter ecstatic versions of others, and there is so much love and joy. This dimension is right here, right now, by adjusting our perspective to align with infinite awareness.

To make the leap in consciousness that elevates and expands our awareness, we can strongly intend to be in a state of joy, and then keep expanding it as a normal state of being, raising the positive polarity and vibratory frequency of our energy signature, which is the expression of our subconscious-innate being. When we want to expand our consciousness and elevate the vibratory patterns of our lives, we can be aware of our innate knowing, our intuition. Its guidance is always present at the level of joy and confidence, and it instills gratitude in us. We know when we have found the heart-warming knowing of our true Self.

**By Kenneth Schmitt