Release judgement of others: Every time you find yourself judging another for their decision and their belief system, notice that. Ask yourself the question, ‘How can I shift around that?’. Observe that the negative actions that someone takes are simply a reflection of the pain and separation that this person has endured for possibly thousands of lifetimes. This person needs love and compassion more than ever to be able to break through the density of their experience that is creating even more pain.

Plant high-frequency seeds in others: All souls are here to return to the light eventually. Even if they don’t choose to do it consciously in this lifetime. They will eventually. If these types of people experience a level of compassion, love and service coming from you, this will plant a seed of high frequency, of divine remembrance and that they can be accepted and forgiven just the way they are. We are not here to change their minds, we are here to love them and accept them unconditionally.

Forgive yourself and release shame:When you forgive yourself you have no more shame, regrets, doubts or fears. You are reborn anew and you can walk on the new timeline of miracles. When you forgive yourself you can also forgive others for you know that when you open the door they can see a glimpse of hope and forgive themselves.

Let go of fear and surrender to the divine: Have no fear dear one. Have no fear about forgiving yourself and forgiving others for the choices they made and the experiences they chose to experience. When you can start finding this level of unity consciousness within the self, then you know that the communities that you are going to call together are going to come from the same level of purity of intention. You might not know how to move beyond your past doubts, remorse, guilt and shame. Express that and surrender that to the divine.

Return to unconditional love: Remember that your birthright is to reside in unconditional love and that you are unconditional love. You are simply returning to that. Allow other people to be a mirror of your own beauty.

Attract your tribe through quantum resonance: Through quantum resonance, you attract what is a vibrational match to you. As you embrace more of your divine magnificence, your birthright as a sovereign soul to live in abundance, freedom, joy and compassion, you will attract humans around you who also have the same values and heart calling.

Unity consciousness is what will create conscious communities.

We will create more and more conscious communities in the near future. It is already happening right now! To be successful in promoting communities and allowing them to blossom, it is important to remember this message of unity consciousness.

Enter the vortex of your own evolution with no shame, no regrets and no doubts.

**Channel: Cendrine