This is the first channeled message that I’ve ever shared with anyone in physicality. Everything we create, even things we never share with anyone, do become part of the human collective consciousness.

Everything makes a difference, and helps our world to evolve. I’ve been channeling for two years now and have lots of messages, but this message was very insistent to get out to the people NOW. It’s fitting that my first message comes from such a pioneer for freedom and liberation.

Greetings, my dearest ones. It is wonderful to be here with you. I am similar to you, as I also walked this planet, although some two hundred years ago. I had the human Earthly experience, and I understand much of what you are currently struggling with at this time.

Before we continue further, I’d like to introduce myself. I am Alexander Hamilton, and I will be joining you throughout the course of your ascension experience.

Now, some of you may be wondering how it is that I’m here at this time, and why. The how is easy, and requires a two-part answer: one, I am moving through this beautiful being, who I love so much and two, my energy is very much a part of all the energies on the planet at this time.

The why is because this is a very pivotal time in the history of the Earth. If you know much about my life, when I was embodied here, it was a very important time for the planet as well, and for the liberation of the beautiful country that we know as America.

Freeing her so that all of her beings, women, children, and men, could live a better life, free and liberated; a nation of sovereign beings, rising to the light, and becoming more of who they are…that was a pivotal time to be on planet, especially in America. There have been many such powerful and pivotal times for her people.

This time that you are in currently…this time in which I come to you once again, as both a man and an energy, is of great significance. I am here to continue to guide you in your quest for freedom and in your right to be sovereign beings, and for many other reasons. You will learn all of them in due time.

It is neither a coincidence nor an accident that I’m here now, speaking through this lovely soul who has welcomed me so beautifully and unconditionally into her heart. It is not a coincidence that I speak to all beings on Earth, but especially to my wonderful Americans who have grown so much since I left.

I’m here again to offer my assistance and my service to a planet that is going through a liberation and an ascension cycle. Now, you may be thinking: well, he’s using lots of words that he never used before and he’s speaking in a way that he never spoke before. I assure you that it is very much me. I have promised this beautiful soul that I would not reveal our special connection, but if the time is right, I am certainly happy to share our truth. At this time, rest assured, that it is very much me.

You must also understand that I am still with you and in many ways, I never left. My energy was seeded into this planet, including all the work that the other founding fathers and I did together. Freedom and liberation were also seeded into the Earth, along with codes of love and light.

Those seeds have been watered and nurtured, and are ready to be tended to. The seeds of freedom are sprouting right now, and you will be the caretakers of a liberated planet; a planet that has ascended into a higher vibration where only love, joy, and prosperity exist for all beings.

You can experience that before ascension is complete.

You might be wondering why I’m using words like ascension and planet, and why I didn’t use those words when I was alive. You see, I did not have the perspective that this one who is known as Lori (in this lifetime) has. She has an awareness and a perspective that I did not have in my lifetime. I have that perspective now, but from the non-physical. I exist everywhere and nowhere at once, wherever I need to be.

I’m assisting Lori because she has a very special mission and purpose here, but I’m also here to assist all of you. It’s time to continue the work that we started hundreds of years ago when we gathered as men who wanted to be free.

We gathered so that our families and all beings could also be free. It is time to claim your sovereign rights as humans on planet Earth, and unlock those codes of freedom to liberate yourselves! We did much of the work hundreds of years ago, but it is time now to free all beings on the planet.

Until every single being is free, we still have work to do. I will be here with you until the very end. What I mean by ‘the end’ is that last little point where you exist in some sort of bondage. Until you move forward into the light of freedom and liberation once and for all, forever and always…I will be here with you.

You can always connect with me through this one that I am speaking through. I’m always here for you and for her. She and I are very close, and I will walk with her through that portal of light (ascension), just as all beings who are ascending will walk through that portal of light.

There will be plenty of messages on a variety of issues that I feel are important for you (as humans on Earth) to experience. This dear one and I have been communicating, and messages of love are what is most needed on your planet at this time.

None of the wonderful experiences such as freedom and liberation mean anything without love. If you cannot join together as brothers and sisters, regardless of race, gender or economic status, then the freedom that you take back will not mean as much.

It is time to join hands and hearts, and come together. That is a part of your freedom, as it comes from reaching a state of unity. Now, I know all too well what it’s like to work with those who have divergent viewpoints. Those of you who feel connected to my work will understand that.

Although I may not have always made the best choices, I have great experience uniting with those who hold different viewpoints or perspectives. I welcomed it, as it became a large part of this diverse country that I have always loved so much and that still means everything to me. Assuring the liberation of all beings is why I’m here now.

I would like to continue to speak, but I also understand pacing, and how important it is to release a little at a time, letting all of it process. On that note, I will tell you that I will absolutely be back. I hope that we will get to know one another on this emotionally intimate level, that I will touch your heart and your soul, and uplift your spirits.

I wish to give you solace through both my words and in the sharing of a perspective that I feel will be helpful. I want you to know that I’m as with you now as I was when I was embodied on planet. I know that might be confusing, and that it would be helpful to have more detail, but at this time, I cannot offer more.

I want you to know that I’m very much with you, and not just in an energetic way. It will be an honor to walk with all of you through this beautiful golden white light to become a liberated and free planet.

When I was human and walked the Earth, liberating America was enough, and it was desperately needed. Now, we must extend our hands to the rest of the world, as a free America is no longer enough.

Until all beings on Earth are free, we still have work to do, and together we will do it! I’m here for you, for all of you, in both love and service. Only this time, I am more patient, more gentle, more loving and more wise. I’m in service to you just as I was when I was embodied.

I offer you my light, my love and my wisdom in the days to follow. I look forward to connecting with you again.

All of my love,


**Channel: Lori Cochran