Dear Heart,

I am honored to act as your guide in this moment in time. As guided by me, my channel has pulled 3 cards from her oracle deck in order to bring across this message with as much clarity as possible: The first is “You created this situation and you have the power to change it.” The second card is “Sense of Humor” and the third “Innocence”.

The cards will act as a guideline for you in this time.

Every soul that comes into physical embodiment has a plan – an agenda – so to speak, which it has created because it wished to learn / gain some kind of experience whilst here in physical embodiment. This plan is encoded into the DNA, and physical structure, if you will. And so you could say in some ways that this is its purpose – soul purpose, to make these discoveries, and to have certain experiences etc., in order to grow and expand as a soul. Every soul gains something from every life experience no matter how “good” or “bad” it may deemed to be while embodied on this side of the veil.

A soul may choose to experience itself as “not good enough” for instance and therefore learn how “blame” feels, or how “judgement and criticism” feels. This is for the soul a learning experience, something totally opposite to its true nature.
So I say to you, there is always a bigger picture which goes unnoticed until the soul begins to awaken from its “sleepwalking”. When this happens, the soul begins to remember its true nature – its origins, it begins to remember that it’s a creator – a energy master – and that whatever it has encoded into its DNA can be altered and re-created. This is its purpose – to rediscover itself, as pure and unconditional love. The soul remembers this eventually. It is inevitable. What helps a soul to remember is the energy of unconditional love. Love awakens a soul to its true nature!

When the soul feels unconditionally loved and accepted, it begins to love and accept itself. Life becomes easier and joy becomes the essence of life.

The soul begins to navigate through the passage of life with a good sense of humor, finding joy and harmony, and allowing life to unfold rather than resisting life and its natural flow – the flow of creation.

We, the angels, often guide people to “lighten up” because a sense of humor causes a light-ness of being, and thus causes something that appears at first to be insurmountable (heavy), appear in realty to be no more than a tiny pothole in the road. Laughter and joy are healers in their own right – in their energetic structure. There is a saying “Laughter sets the records straight!” Meaning laughter has the power to clear that which causes suffering.

The soul is in its true nature innocent, just as a child is innocent. It looks at the world through the eyes of innocence – in pure wonderment. The soul has no need for perfection – it already knows it is perfect.

So therefore my message is this: enjoy the vast playing field that has been set out before you and embrace it with unconditional, absolute love and acceptance of what is.

Love is and always will be the answer. Love cures all. Love is the ultimate redeemer, the ultimate healer.

Those who have incarnated with you as your family are in on the “deal” so to speak. They undertook this journey with you so you could love and support each other unconditionally and bring each other back into the remembrance of your wholeness as loving beings.

Remember love is all there is. Therefore, walk fearlessly – literally – because you are surrounded by angels all the way!

~ I AM Archangel Michael, your Brother in Unconditional Love.

**Channel: Deborah Faith