I am Ashtar. I come at this time in joy that I can be with you, and share with you, and be one with you.

As these times that you are upon right now continue to raise, continue to bring new understanding, new truths are coming forward in many different ways and many different respects as you see the various things that are happening, even within your third-dimensional illusionary state. They are happening. Much of what you have heard in the past from us and all of your various guides that have been speaking to you and bringing you this information forward, that this would be a time of great change.

And indeed, this is a time of great change, and you are now seeing more and more of this as this is the Great Awakening. It is upon us right now. Change in the consciousness of the people throughout the world.

Here in your United States of America, or rather for America, Canada, and Australia, in various parts of Europe, even in places such as China and others, consciousness is happening. Consciousness is awakening. And it is all happening because of you, the collective you, that are raising the vibrations across the planet.

And yes, you are receiving a great deal of help from the cosmic force. The light that is coming forward from the higher vibrational frequencies that are coming to the Earth, raising consciousness here on this planet, bringing love, bringing light back here to this planet.

For this planet is destined to be a planet of light, no longer a planet of darkness. No longer a school for progression. For you will have already progressed.

And those of us on our ships that are watching over this entire process, many that are watching, many that are also doing, many that are actively participating in your progression, in the Change-over that is happening here on this planet. And those even from within the Earth that are ready to step forward at a moment’s notice to rise, to emerge from their safe haven within the Earth to mingle once again with all of you, all of their brothers and sisters.

As we, from the stars, are also ready to merge again with our brothers and sisters here on the surface of this planet. For we are all coming together as one again. Souls reuniting from all different parts across the galaxy, and even beyond the galaxy.

The moment has nearly arrived for this great transition to occur, that is even now finding the great momentum within the people who are spreading the words, spreading the light, spreading the love of freedom, freedom of choice. And the great convoy that is occurring now.

The great convoy that will increase tremendously to not only encompass that area in Canada, but here in the United States, and in other countries as well, as each one follows suit. That is what is destined in this moment right now.

Can it change? Yes, it can. For those forces of darkness are still very much alive and working to thwart all the efforts of the light. But know that the forces of light are far ahead of those forces of darkness. And know every move that is and will be taken and are ready to stand against their movements, and to stand for freedom. Freedom of the people of not only a few nations, but of the entire planet, of all of the people of this planet.

This is that Great Moment that you have all been looking toward which will lead to the culmination that is fast approaching now. It is because of all of you. And all of us that are working together as ONE to once and for all bring freedom, bring light to this planet so darkness can no longer hold a place here. Where only love and light and oneness, with its Source of all creation is and will be within each and every one of you.

I am Ashtar. And I leave you now in peace and love. And to know and understand that you are right now on the threshold of a great many changes throughout your planet. Changes that have been foretold for eons of time and are right now ready to become as foretold.

**Channel: James McConnell