As we all know this is not an easy time being a participant currently on Earth. Really, what’s happening is we are shedding the heaviness that we all have accumulated along the way. I believe what we are experiencing is the repeating of trauma of our past meaning we’re repeating Atlantis and the Orion wars. Atlantis was a highly technological and spiritually advanced society which we have on Earth now. Earth is also becoming very advanced in technology and we’re all becoming very aware of the advancement in the human race as we become very evolved humans. Earth is much more diverse than we were in the days of Atlantis but just as polarizing. I’ve said this in the past that the Old Testament was about Atlantis and if we repeat the same patterns we will receive the same fate. That diversity connects us to all different star systems in the galaxy.

We are to a smaller extent replaying the type of society that led to the Orion wars. Remember, much of the predictions that we are seeing on the internet have already happened and people are having a hard time deciphering the past and the future in their visions. They think that they are seeing one future we are all headed for when in actuality they are only seeing one version of the past but that’s the past that those and others like them need to re-experience.

We need to go through this turbulent time so we can create a better reality, a better future, a better version of society away from the polarized, oppressed current one we are experiencing. But, in reality what we are living currently is nothing like what we’ve experienced in the past and what we’ve come to Earth to resolve. We’ve come to Earth at this time to release that heaviness and trauma of our past. This is what this time for humanity is all about.

Much of what we are seeing in our world currently is the systematic destruction of the old system. We are watching the old world crumble before our eyes. Many are feeling hopeless because we don’t see the changes that we want to see in the external world. But, you all see those Ancient power structures coming down. Those people working in the dark, behind closed doors are all being exposed this is the beginning of major changes. Many might not know it but this is all coming about because of the rising of our awareness which is brought on by the activation of our dormant DNA. We are becoming higher conscious beings.

Many have become aware of just how much Darkness is in our world. Some choose to expand in this awareness and some choose to resist it. Those resistors who choose to deny and look the other way are in for a rude Awakening. Those of you that are becoming aware of this mass secret are ahead of those who simply choose not to expand and I believe that is due to fear. That initial hit that we all took when we became aware of this mass secret will morph into a healing process and that’s exactly what needs to happen. You are steering this ship to calmer waters. Meaning, the shedding of past trauma.

This is all happening vibrationally and soon enough you will SEE the results physically. I know many of you are FEELING these results physically as the frequencies rise. Meaning, headaches, dizziness, extreme ringing of the ears, digestive issues, losing memory… I could go on and on. But, this process takes time and we have to go thru the exposure of the Darkness in order to get past it. Remember, our numbers are growing every single day and the support by higher dimensional civilizations is unwavering. Also, the scope of help we are getting from them is unimaginable to our 3rd dimensional minds. Remember, any construct you envision, any perception you believe, any feeling that you contemplate with this lower mind is purely an illusionary creation of this lower mind.

This illusionary world has us looking at the shadows rather than the true reality that created them. These lower thoughts and feelings occupy your vision and senses with an endless amount of material to keep this illusion alive which many call the Matrix which we are breaking out of. It’s kind of like we are in the eye of the storm where the calmness resides while it rages on externally. In this state of calmness is where direct communication from higher dimensions occur. Some people call this zero point I see it simply as humanity’s ongoing process of DNA activation. When we start recovering memory from our dormant DNA it opens up levels of awareness and insight, wisdom and knowledge that our 3D minds couldn’t even fathom currently.

We are now experiencing the movement of information through frequency and interpreting it through our 3rd dimensional understanding. We could have never done this on a mass scale like we are doing now a hundred years ago. Remember, it’s a higher aspect of you that will step into this new world not a polished version of your current self. We are currently being set free from the constraints of the lower mind. Intention is extremely important. Listen to that intuitive voice rather than the head. Your head will tell you all you want to hear but intuitively you will just know.

**By Teri Wade