Yes, it’s STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL, and it essentially is up to each of us and our Spark how and when do we handle it.

It’s not easy for everyone. Many believers, in various faiths and religious movements, that are many in the world today, find selves in a particularly difficult situation.

Religious egregores are among the largest field structures on Earth. Similar to a thick veil of clouds, they extend over vast expanses on the Subtle Plane over the planet.

Clairvoyance shows that the threads from some go far into space, connecting into a single Light to which shining channels stretch from the Pleroma and even further, from the Source.

A different picture is seen near Earth. The cloud is divided into large, medium, and small segments according to the number of major denominations – horizontally, and vertically, to the surface – into countless made-up add-ons: religious institutions, organizations, places of worship, etc.

In ALL these objects there are egregores of different sizes and shades. Everyone is filled with the energies of their adepts.

The colossal fragmentation and the multitude of intermediate layers and structures are created intentionally. In India alone, there are about 100 thousand (!) saints worshipped by followers of various religious views.

Religious relations are not always peaceful. It is enough to recall the Crusades, wars, the disintegration of nations and countries due to the sectarian polarization of their society. All that pumped up the egregores with vital energy.

One of the darkest pages of history was the Inquisition, and in the current one, – MILLIONS (!) of cases of pedophilia among the church ministers.

In Satanic cults, child sacrifices, torture, and cannibalism are widely used as the most brutal way of pumping out the vital energy of kids by parasite egregores and their servants.

It doesn’t add to their lives. The indignation caused by a lot of revelations, scandals, and resignations is so great that on a Subtle Plane some egregores look like dirty blankets that have been shot with shrapnel, turning into rags full of holes.

This explains why there is so much alertness to the projects of the united planetary church and, conversely, a wide spreading of personal and direct, without intermediaries, communication with the Source.

When in complete solitude and silence, we pray – It listens to us, when we meditate – we listen to It. And there are no egregores and layers between us. They dissolve in the highest vibrations of a close, individual dialogue with the Creator.

Such communication also creates numerous egregores in many spheres of human activity. If we keep the Spark, these energy structures are filled with the Light of tens and hundreds of Souls.

Thanks to these millions of flakes of fire, our endeavor acquires a completely different meaning and aim: not to take, but to give. And the more we give, the more we are filled up.

These egregores work as beacons and Light donors. With the acceleration of the Transition, their number and strength grow, facilitating our passing in 4D/5D.

But there are still a lot of parasitic egregores that are very tenacious. It includes the 3D Earth’s egregore, which originated after our planet was outthrusted from the fifth to the third dimension as a result of large space wars.

This global energy entity resembles a dirty green dreg or jelly that lives on the Subtle Plane of the planet. With millions of tentacle threads, it has attached itself to all the people who radiate and saturate that sludge with emanations of hatred, anger, lies, deception, aggression, and other low-frequency emotions.

How does the connection work?

The mechanism is the same as that of all egregores. They pull out the prominences which actively, online, scan, and analyze each of us in search of a place to the plugin.

Scanning is carried out directly but most often through countless things that our eyes, attention, feelings, interests are directed at, what we think and dream about and what we do.

Some are easy to grasp, others have to be probed for a long time, to thirds the interest immediately disappears.

On the Subtle Plane, the egregores see us as energy spheres that glow, and by our brightness, they try to find a point to which they can link.

When it happens, a permanent channel of two-way exchange of energies of similar vibrations and frequencies is immediately established with which the egregore and the person now constantly saturate each other.

The planetary 3D egregore works in the same way but chooses and feeds on those in whom there is little or no Light at all. Everyone is sucked into this ooze.

Now, more Light is coming to Earth from the Source through the Galactic Central Sun, and 3D egregore is thinning, losing strength.

Unfortunately, it cannot be removed immediately. The process should be natural, respecting the free will and choice freedom of people who feed the egregore.

Even the Creator cannot simply dissolve the parasitic essence, especially since through it, the Source receives new knowledge, as from many other manifestations of duality in 3D.

Our experience of healing from its negativity will be unique and very necessary for the whole Universe. Moreover, in this, we receive great support from Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Galacom, and all friendly space races.

More and more people are amping up the Light of the Source in their Souls. Its Spark is in each of us. The more enlightened there are, the faster we will cope.

Both Poles are cleared from it. The dreg is thick-set over Europe, North America, and Australia, rarefied over Central and South America, Africa, with large windows over many parts of Asia.

Previously, the 3D Earth’s egregore was homogeneous and turbid. Today, there are a lot of lacerations.The 3D egregore, though weakened, continues to control its victims through the substitution of values, the collective dark thought-forms.

Our shady side is our fears, hidden and open. These are all things that we scare or reject. Sometimes we reject even ourselves, our actions, our body, and much more.

It is incredibly difficult for us to accept ourselves, with all our shortcomings, actions in the past. Not all of us are ready to look inside ourselves, see our innermost phobias, admit them, and through this cleanse ourselves of them.

Only then we can see the illusory nature of our low-frequency fears, that it was WE who created them for us, thereby shackling ourselves. Parasitic egregores only feed on what we emit.

Yes, they can amplify, escalate, provoke…But we give birth to these emotions and thoughts, as well as the energy vampires themselves on the Subtle Plane. We can get rid of them only by understanding their true causes, realizing and accepting that only we, and no one else, are the author, generator, and pedigree for these entities.

We are the creators of pain and joy, fear and freedom, good and evil, hatred and love. We also define what is good and what is bad.

We give birth to illusions and immerse ourselves in them, thus building ourselves and the world around us. It is full of our mirages, and only we have to dispel them.

Getting down to it, we will take liberation lessons, and learn to run the process of creating ourselves and our reality.

**By Lev