Awakened Soul,

As the Year of Cataclysm continues the collective consciousness will embody an influx of Divine Feminine energies during February. SHE is now fully returning to our planet, to the collective, and rising in every fibre of our existence.

What is the Divine Feminine? 

The Divine Feminine has been elusive in our society due to repression via a controlling, dominant, ego-driven, and wounded masculine in the collective. When lovingly embraced She exudes the sacred and sensual and is a powerful healing force that lies in the realms beyond earthly existence.

Feminine energies are not concrete, they are expressed in the feeling, intuitive existence of senses that are unseen by us but can be intrinsically felt. The Divine Feminine is the positive expression of the co-creative feminine side of us that exists in all genders and until now has been waiting on the sidelines for the green light to fully partner with us in the Cosmic Ascension process.

She is where all Creation happens and is expressed through us via our creations, intentions, ingenuity, expressions of love and greater service to humanity. This incredible power can elicit fear in those who are afraid of the unknown, must control themselves and others to feel safe, and would rather cling to an illusion of certainty, woundedness and their egos.

These Divine Feminine energies hold the key to us finding the deepest expression of ourselves outside of forced conformity, but only if we release control, surrender to Divine Will, open to the mysteries of the multiverse, and enter the void where all potential exists (The Priestess/Priest Archetype).

This month by slowing down, finding balance, going inward, being still and listening we will find deep insight via the Divine Feminine to help us move forward on our soulful journeys.

As we become divine expression’s of Her and ultimately divine expressions of Him, the Divine Masculine, we are able to serve for the highest good of ourselves and for others. There are no longer any ego-based actions, only expressions of Love in its highest form. And here is an important part to remember…we cannot reach our Divine Masculine potential until we embrace Her first. More on this in my video below!

How will this Divine Feminine infusion express itself in you and more of humanity going forward?

  1. There will be the urge to seek out more interdependent / co-creative relationships with give and take mutual respect, and soul recognition. Relationships not based on this will be toxic or bumpy until resolved or break apart.
  2. More desire to just BE, versus always doing or being busy
  3. Less goal-driven in work and instead more soul purpose-driven in alignment with your values and truth.  There will be more of an allowance in concert with divine inspiration to shape your next steps.
  4. The desire to find a balanced lifestyle in alignment with sustainability and connection to the earth.
  5. Less apathy and therefore engaging in passionate, co-creative action.
  6. Seeking collaboration versus competition, as well as finding others to align with and support.
  7. More detachment, acceptance of others and the return of  hope
  8. Releasing the old paradigm of fear and instead embracing love and heartfelt connection
  9. Less passive-aggressive behaviour, instead being more assertive and speaking your truth without fear of censure.
  10. Letting go of judgement of self and others, and instead detaching from the outcome and Being the Change (Spiritual Warrior archetype)
  11. Being in alignment with your Divine Blueprint so that you can express your innate talents in a co-creative, service-oriented way.
  12. More expression of vulnerability and softness in relationships.
  13. An increase in your intuition and psychic ability; a new sensory awareness coming online.  This will allow you to shapeshift as needed through challenges and cut through any illusion with a discerning sword.
  14. Devaluation of narcissistic, hedonistic, egoic behaviour in the world being replaced with passionate service for the greater good.
  15. Dissolution of divisive anger and therefore having compassion, giving more support and encouragement to others.
  16. Less tolerance for drama, control and “power over” and instead seeking more peace, tolerance and harmony.
  17. More desire to protect each other, protect the earth and see our connection with ALL That Is..

There are 3 key cosmic coded Gateways that will ignite us with the Divine Feminine energies this month:

02, 02, 2022

02, 20, 2022

02, 22, 2022

The number two (2) holds the frequency of healing around relationships, partnerships and an allowance of helping each other.

These energies will bring in others and divine assistance via the Law of Attraction from Feb to April to support us on the next stage of our journeys.

2022 is also a six (6) number year which also amplifies love, money/prosperity, and abundance in all its forms.

So overall February is a month to surrender to Divine Will, allow divine inspiration to connect with you and flow into your being as you attune to these new feminine energies. Trying to force anything in your life will feel futile. You are assimilating massive co-creative change in yourself and so is humanity. Remember that it takes great internal energy for soul expansion and integration as you transform and rebirth so that you can manifest a new way of co-creative living and Be-ing! So please be gentle with yourself and others.

In love, autonomy, and service,