The world does not want to see another war, and fortunately the energies that have arisen because of the confrontation in the Ukraine show without a doubt that the desire for world peace is growing very rapidly. It means that they are having a calming influence on the situation, and that a way out for the Russians is possible without them losing face. Peace is coming to Earth and it is a precursor of better times to come where countries can come together to broker peace agreements. Certainly the people have spoken and the powers that be will feel compelled to take notice otherwise they will lose all credibility. It should be realised that the Alliance of Planets are awaiting such a development to enable them to safely show themselves to the people of Earth. It will happen because that is your destiny and the future is full of welcome changes that will quickly bring the advancements into being.

Meantime you should if possible avoid being fearful of the future as your destiny is to live in World Peace. You are having to deal with the after effects of several viruses that have afflicted you that are now beginning to lessen. It means that provisions can now be made to live life as much as possible in a normal way, at the same time coping and controlling the lasting effects of the virus. It has been compared to flu that is usually more dominant in the colder weather. There is no doubt that people can only accept limitations to their freedom up to a certain point that now seems to have been reached. Certainly in some countries they have been able to relax their controls, allowing some semblance of normality. It will lift their spirits and bring a happier feeling that the worst is over.

There is no doubt that the whole episode has given Humanity ample time to access the way it has been living and identify certain aspects that have shown your short comings. It is akin to the “house cleaning” that takes place after your winter period in preparation for the better times. Weather is clearly an important part of your planning and it does at times appear quite volatile. In time it will settle down to be more acceptable and as you might say “gentle” and more agreeable to everyone. The changes are widespread and even Nature is being forced to adapt. It has happened many times before due to various changes but not quite as extensive as at present. It is all part of your increasing vibrations, and the effect that Mother Earth has upon your seasons.

Helping to bring peace to the Earth is a noble cause but a vital one if it is to achieved through harmony between the different countries. In fact it is vital that it is reached without undue delay and leaves the lower vibrations behind. Those souls who cannot or will not lift their vibrations will naturally move on to a suitable planet to start another journey home and will not lack help and assistance. This way it is most fair by giving all parties concerned a further opportunity to make progress to the next stage in their evolution. There is no point or advantage in moving into a higher level until you are ready but when you are it will occur automatically.

Old souls upon Earth have a greater awareness and understanding of what is happening around them. It makes them most suited to help those with less experience or knowledge. It is a sound principle that has helped many souls move on who might otherwise have become struck in the lower levels. It goes hand in hand with the guidance that is always available once the soul has shown it is making progress. Remember you are never alone and help is always nearby and will respond when you call for it. This approach is commonplace as you rise up through the different levels. It often brings new people into your life who are useful to you when you have made it known to spirit you are ready to learn more.

What is in it for you and where do you expect to go from here. Many of you are ready to learn more and at this time you have every opportunity to do so, as there is nothing to stop you going all the way to Ascension. Not for a long, long time have the conditions offered so much opportunity to progress so far. If you apply yourself to the tasks ahead of you, there is no reason why you should not be successful. There may be distractions and the dark Ones will try all their tricks and deception to lead you astray. So be wary of tactics intended to mislead you and stick to your plan to progress as the opportunities arise. You are protected but still need to be alert as you never know what is around the corner.

Be patient as we have painted a picture that promises to become your reality as you progress. How far away it is depends a lot on you and others like you who have earned the opportunity to progress even further, because of your dedication to learn from your experiences. Progress can sometimes be very slow but once the power of the dark Ones is curtailed going should be plain sailing. Look forward to a great experience as you overcome any obstacles on your path and victory will be yours.

Your destiny is to take your place amongst the ascended souls, so you have a wonderful future to look forward to that already beckons. Trust those souls who travel with you and direct you and protect you to help ensure your success. They have already ascended and know what you are going through, and are the best suited to help you along. In your quiet moments you may feel them around you and at such times they can easily communicate with you. They are often the voice inside you that helps you make decisions but will not interfere with the ones that you may make because that is your choice and responsibility.

As you go through life your higher vibrations will attract like souls and it is often how new groups are formed. Clearly like minds do seem to gravitate to each other and their interests are also likely to be similar. You may already have a partner who is very much on your level and can share your experiences with you, but sometimes there can be the exact opposite and yet it can still provide the opportunities to progress. Opposites can sometimes complement each other, but realise that it would have been part of your life plan that you agreed upon before you incarnated upon Earth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.