We were recently asked if you would see less narcissists in the new energies. We would like to address that today.

The experience of a relationship with what you would call a narcissist occurs to get your attention to move into a better balance with yourself. While it is true that it frequently happens with empaths and sensitives, it is not because they are targeted per se, but rather because they are over givers who need to create an extreme experience for themselves in order to get their attention and to want to address that within themselves.

Many empaths are still carrying a martyred service paradigm – they give and give and give and accept very little for themselves. They see the divine spark in others, and choose to focus on that rather than how that person is showing up in this life expression.

Have you noticed how a relationship with a narcissist involves you giving and giving with little in return? And how the more you give the less it seems to satisfy the other? The relationship with the narcissist will go as far as necessary in order for you to say enough and shift into a healthier, more balanced and supportive experience for yourself.

Being a giving and loving person by nature and having a strong service contract are wonderful traits to have! What is seeking to be brought into balance is including yourself in your own care and service. The narcissist experience serves you by moving as far out of balance as necessary to finally force you to do just that, and that is why it is so prevalent among empaths.

The narcissist/empath relationship is disempowering for both involved. It disempowers you because you deny yourself and try to take on the role of making another happy. It disempowers the other because they expect you to fill them up and make them happy. It is doomed to fail because externals cannot make you whole and happiness, satisfaction, and personal growth all must come from within.

So to answer the question, will we see less narcissists in the new energies? Over givers will always attract over takers and vice versa. If you are shifting into the inclusion of yourself in your own focus and care there would be no purpose for the experience of the narcissist. And let us assure you, once you do that you would never accept the out of balance nature of a narcissist relationship, so it truly becomes a non-issue.

It has all happened to point you back to yourself so you can readjust into a healthier flow of both giving and receiving. Once you do that you will finally be able to align with relationships that uplift and support everyone involved.

**Channel: Shelley Young