Life in the New Earth is totally different from that of the Old earth. What once were loving relationships and even Twin Flame relationships, will not be in the New Earth, for here every soul will be whole – fulfilled within themselves, as their own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within is perfectly united and balanced.

Thus now, when one stands fully in one’s soul mastery, one will seek a partner who is the same. This is then where this is meant to be, and desired, the Divine Complement, the true perfect partner will manifest into form and being, and this will manifest into a totally different kind of union, where soul merges with soul, heart center with heart center, mind with mind, and thus enhancingo each other, and only when one has indeed united at SOUL level, energetically, and experienced such Divine Oneness, will one be able to choose where one wishes to co-create physical offspring together for the greater good, yet most will choose to co-create the SHARED vision, and thus the New Golden Age for humanity.

All is energetically of a much higher vibrational frequency band and in a much higher illumined state, where the physical form is less dense, and more light-filled and more crystalline. One will not have the same experiences as one has in the physical dense form of the 3D. All will be more energetic and one does not need to be in the same location as distance will not matter.

The best is to use this time to prepare yourself – to do the inner work, and if you choose the New Earth, then to allow that transfiguration, where you are so balanced and in harmony and unity with yourself and the Divine, that you are deeply fulfilled within, and thus happy and content, without a man.

For when you can be happy and content within, and truly live life form the heart and soul, you intricately know that your happiness and wholeness is not dependent on a man, no matter who he may be. When you then do find the Divine Complement, it will be a joy to share life, from the state of complete wholeness, and not neediness, nor control, nor manipulations, or imbalance. This leads to true love and true sacred union and indeed bliss.

So here, all depends on your own choices and indeed your preparedness to step into the New Earth fully reborn, or not.

The New Earth, is one where unity and harmony reigns and thus a totally new way of life and new beginnings on all fronts. ”

Copyright Applies: Excerpt from a Twin Flame Reading done by me.

**By Judith Kusel