Many have woken up to not only the darkness of the true reality of our world but just how global corporacy has hijacked our lives. Many are paying close attention to their shrinking wallets and the political circus currently being played out on the global stage. The system is now in the limelight but not how the global power structure would like. The social engineering agenda of dumbing the masses down to obedient little minions has been successful but too many are suffering and looking for answers now.

Many have turned against MSM to alternative media which is successfully waking the masses to their enslavement. We’re waking up to the lies, deception and toxicity of this control Matrix. In response, grassroots, sovereignty movements are popping up all over the planet. Humanity is organizing peacefully all over Earth to peacefully resist the encroachment on our freedoms. In my opinion, the existing order has embarrassed themselves and continues to everyday. Their propaganda narratives have been exposed again and again and the awakened are on to it. Ask any average Joe on the street and they will say to you that we are not being represented by the corporate and political elite. This great shame is the beginning of the end of their game.

The type of attention that is being generated by a restless, awakened population is unwanted by the powers that will not be. They’re fumbling and making mistake after mistake. We are seeing an incredible show of desperation by these psychopaths who have lost all power only being held up by a firewall we know as the mainstream media. They are not as powerful as they want you and I to think.

Even with all the control they have over the media, money and information they have not been able to stop the Great Awakening. Truthfully, they never had a chance with this expansion of consciousness working against them and they know it. Their time is over but make no mistake they will fight. We need to remember this shadow order still controls the system at its core. Did we really think the devil was going to go down easy?

It’s an absolute embarrassment that humanity has let it get this far. But, it’s all part of the process of the spiritual advancement in this 3D realm. We are seeing an incredible show of internal conflict in those who choose to remain ignorant to how the world really works. What’s happening is many of us are looking for a new way of being which is why all eyes are on this control system.

If the hidden hand continued to have its way it would just carry on with the same old story while humanity would sink deeper and deeper under their control. We have been under a left right illusion where people are under the impression we have a genuine choice in the outcome of our future. This is why the Trump vs the establishment theater has been a good thing for America and the world. It’s exposing just how money, not morality nor intelligence runs the world.

There will be many that will remain fighting for the status quo meaning the left right illusion but I believe we’re heading to a government not only in America but globally run by the people. The left and right scenario is just an example of the duality in this realm. We, who have awakened are refusing to continue lining the pockets of these elites that want nothing to do with bettering our future, it’s all about enslavement, always has been. We must fight not only for our future generations but our natural evolutionary process. It has been incredibly stunted and damaged and that cannot continue. The hibernation of humanity is currently being shocked into action and there will be no stopping it. We are waking up to the political sellouts, environmental degradation, debt implosion, the dying middle class, increasing health issues, societal unrest and the drugging and spiritual suppression of humanity’s evolutionary process etc.

I say this all the time…even the most indoctrinated has got to see this happening from time to time. If you think about it all this chaos is creating order meaning it’s bringing everything that has been so out of whack back to balance. This new world order that we are seeing being accelerated before our eyes will only be in control for a short time. The tide has already turned and the New Order will be one of truth, equality, abundance and freedom. Ultimately, we will all look back one day at the current times and see it for what it is. A Matrix of control that enslaved us not just materially but spiritually as well. We will all see very clearly the Harbingers that were always there that we somehow missed. But, was that all by design? Was that all part of the process? Was it because we were just not ready?

**By Teri Wade