Dearest Ones you are all going through a change in your lives as you move forwards into a different dimension. Eventually you will reach a 5th Dimension of Love, Peace and Harmony. As you can imagine a part of humanity is not even close to living in this New World. Every single soul has the choice to be able to live in this new Dimension, but some souls will have decided that they may need to learn more on another plane of existence. We are here to remind you that the main body of lightworkers and their families (even though they may not have woken up, yet so to speak) have contracted to stay on planet Earth at this time.

This is the reason why so many of you are frustrated with your families for not being awake at this time. Maybe you thought that you would all be together on this journey but remember that YOU are the way shower.! By just being you, you are in fact showing the way for them. Their personality may not have awoken, but their soul certainly has. Do not get disheartened for much of your work now is being done behind the scenes as you send your healing to them, whether you are with them physically or not.

It has been decreed that the darker souls will indeed move to planets where their soul can be healed but their time on Earth will be at an end. You ask how this can happen but know that the ONE is in charge of everything, and mistakes are not made. All that is happening is happening for all of the right reasons. It may seem as if things are taking too long for some of you, but it will very soon be a time for many truths to come out which will change everything. This new year of the Tiger in Chinese Astrology will see many lies coming to the surface, and they will mostly be seen by the majority of humanity and will not be able to be hidden anymore.

As you can imagine many people will be in confusion as their whole world may have been thrown upside down and much of their belief system will be seen as a lie. YOU dear lightworkers will be much needed for advice and healing. It may feel like a time for saying “I told you so” but we know this will not be the case for most of you without ego.

It is time now to come together with all lightworkers to finally eradicate the darkness that has descended on the planet. It is not the time to be divided by who has taken a jab and who has not. It is time now to find the connections not the differences amongst your friends and families.

As we have always said YOU are a Divine sentient being and as such YOU are very powerful. Know this and know that all that you need will be given to you. Do not even think about what has happened in the past for you will all be rich in many ways.

Not Be afeared about anything that is being said at this time, especially in the darkness of the Main news media. Much of it is false and will be seen to be so, very soon. Go within to find your own Truth and be your own guru. You need no other to tell you what is right or wrong. You will just know.

The darker beings are in confusion now and they themselves do not understand what is happening as they arrogantly thought that they could not fail. It is as if they are throwing all of their toys out of the pram so to speak. They are trying everything that they can, to keep humanity under control but their time is over Dear Ones, and the Light has won. Take no notice of these final machinations. God has and always will be in charge.

It is as if these darker beings are like little children having a tantrum. God had given them time to come to their senses and it was always known that they would eventually grow up to be decent citizens of the Universe. However their time is up now on Earth for she needs to heal. The darker beings will be sent to other Dimensions to heal and humanity will finally be able to begin to heal themselves and the planet they live upon.

And so Dear Ones rejoice and know that you have succeeded in living through a very difficult time and have won the battle. It has been hard for many of you but with God on your side how could you ever have lost.?

It is time now to heal all of your own sadness’s from the past and look forward to a wonderful future of which you have all dreamt.

Trust and Believe that all will be well and it will be so.

We send you many Blessings and Love, Dear Ones.

As always call on us for help and guidance.

We are Sirius.

Channel: Thea Grace Sirius