This message requires a short introduction. Bear with me. Is 2012 still clear in your mind? It’s been ten years already; can you believe it? The years just before 2012 were amazing, and it is likely that I met many of you for the first time back then.

As 2012 came to a close, life got complicated and with short notice, both my father and mother transitioned. Things went downhill from there and stayed that way for a few years. I didn’t (couldn’t) channel much during those years, I honestly didn’t have the strength. The message you are about to read is an exception, one of only a handful.

Last week, as I was searching for something to share with my Big Nature class, I came across this message. I vaguely remember sitting to receive it, then shoving into a drawer. I wasn’t ready to come back yet. I was still somewhere far away. Reading it now I wonder how I could have ignored it, how it wasn’t enough to bring me back into resonance with my heart.

I have read it a few times now and set it down here so I could share it with you. It reads as if it could have been received yesterday. It reads as if it is for me, for you, for us, for now.


For a time and a half, you must live as others, between what is real and what is illusion, uncertain of the difference and confused about your placement. Learn the ways of the world that your awareness moves in. It must seem real to you in every way. The lesser worlds are veiled from the greater; they are upside-down and inside out. To discover and restore the higher truths, remove the blindfold. It was placed there at birth to prevent the bright light of truth from overcoming your will to discover truth at your own pace, in your own way and time. When you next awaken you may feel alarm, perhaps fear – you may not remember what has transpired or how you have transformed. Do not search in vain for things you already know. Do not struggle against a tide that will become obvious soon enough. Wait a time, and then wait again. Wait until you know what the wise know. Let the half-wise claim what they will. It matters little now, less later.

Feeling less than ready, you will be ready enough. Try, even if you struggle in the process. Strike out in different ways and directions. Act upon your thoughts even when they shed little light. Human nature is nature enough. Make bold attempts to move beyond the boundaries that encircle and enfold. Truth loosens the yoke; wisdom unbinds the chain. Be unwavering, steadfast, and determined in your progress. Yearn to merge the awareness of your physical experience with something greater. You will not be invited, guided, or led. Even so, be the seeker you have always been.

One day, history will come upon itself on a road where the past and the present converge. This interesting and challenging time will see you struggle against yourself. Beware the thoughts you give rise to as many will be less than useful. The days and weeks will drag incessantly; time and tempers will stretch, then tighten.

In the world of men, new ideas will be less and late. During this time the resources of the world will dry one bank of the river while causing the other to overflow. Matters and affairs of the world will bear little fruit. Worry and strife will move across hilltops and horizons. The boundary of one land will blur that of its neighbor. Long arms from across the sea will reach into the pockets of those less fortunate, demanding much and offering little.

Everything will weigh heavily then, and the world of men will know concern. Obligations have made debt rise, yet few concern themselves with how tall that mountain is. Once awakened, do not fall into the lullaby of sleep, which daily offers respite from a confusion that consumes. If reason remains unconscious, more will move near the edge, and over it too. The fabric of time will fray and sway and the material that is earth will be rough as sand, not smooth as silk.

If nothing matters, matters cannot change. Remember now and always that the purpose of life is life itself; therefore, in matters of life, make life matter! Fail not in this respect as the cost is dear and the ransom already paid long ago. Raise your torch higher if you wish to see further and beyond. You may only see as far as tomorrow plus one sunrise. Let it be so. The fog will lift, eventually sight will return.

Do not suffer yourself into a corner where angles are too acute and leave no escape. Continue onward as freedom waits, but not for long or for all. Doors that open also close; eyes that see singly are easily blighted by false truths and fake prophets. Even earnest seekers can be robbed of their own light. Free yourself from cords that bind the mind and shackle the ankles. Be sanguine, not strident. Shine a lantern into the corners and crevices until everything matters again, for all and in every way. Return to where the fabric of time carved a universe and shaped its worlds.

Reclaim what is yours. Begin again and you will see that cycles restart and renew. Why wait until the end? Any ending is but a beginning; a momentary pause or delay for appearance’s sake, to view a past and call it by name. The future is nameless and even nous, which is in all things, knows not its next adventure. There is a key to life. Its rhythm and knowledge open every door and dimension, even those where time sleeps one moment and races forward the next. Yes, even there. The keys are in everything and everywhere. Even in the air you breathe and the water you drink. There is no exception to the law that binds and frees every and all. And now, the keys:

Here follow words that are not riddles, not poetic rhymes to riddle and entertain. Here follows a guide to the mysteries, a map worthy of study. Herein symbols are given a tongue with which to speak just as you are given eyes with which to see. Mind is a faculty of learning and when needs be, imitation. It knows what is true and what is real. The mind’s eye does not rely upon physical senses, not upon intellect, intelligence, reason, or common sense. It sees beyond these and rests only where intellection and understanding cross paths. First as strangers, then as entangled lovers, neither would sacrifice a fool’s wage to buy its freedom from the other.

Distill from things already understood the seeds of truth and you will be as the many facets of Nature, free to know, then to see, and finally to be. The world of material things is constantly changing but is not constant. There are things that remain unchanged yet still exchange pace and place, do you see? Ideas are forms and forms ideas, and only nous knows the difference! That which is changeless can only demonstrate through that which is always changing. This law, above others, states the truth at it has always existed, unaltered even by those who curse and command.

Sturdy the ship, steady its progress, the horizon ahead the only possible destination, but which horizon when the one and only still shows itself as many? Where is the pilgrim? Where is the lonely star on its journey around the farthest sun? The celestial bodies are but lonely gods dreaming of you. Open your eyes and the sun will blind you with what is real, close them and return to the lands of illusion. Illusions are like islands in the mists, they separate thoughts from things and newly call them unique. Sail past these quickly! Oars to the water! The slumbering silhouettes cast shadows, even upon the waves. Every man a sailor on the buoyant seas of life!

A lifetime is lasting if time wills its measurement. How long can you hold your breath.? When the discrete and the static come together a birth results, be it a star or a star child. Only then does sound become symphony, word poetry, and symbol science. The worth of a life is its purpose, which is no mystery. Purpose becomes clarity and quality. The purpose of life is a search for the forgotten and the misplaced. It is the movement of the spheres across seasons of time, measured in breaths one by one. Delay not the journey, as the sun will soon set at its appointed hour. It is not a race against time for this no one can win. Even so, be the first and you will never count a last.

**Channel: Pepper Keen Lewis